Postman collection for ActivePlatform API

Postman is a popular tool for testing and developing APIs. To make it more convenient for developers who are integrating with ActivePlatform, it is recommended to use a Postman collection that contains the full set of API methods and the corresponding environment. The pre-configured environment contains a non-exhaustive set of variables that are referenced by the collection including the base URL and authentication token for getting access to the API service.

The collection includes a brief description of method parameters, examples of requests and responses.

In this article:

Installing the collection and environment

The collection and environment require the installation of Postman. To download Postman, visit

To install the collection and environment:

  1. Download the following archive file and unzip the the ActivePlatform API [{version}].postman_collection.json and AP Test [{version}].postman_environment.json files where {version} represents the version of ActivePlatform:

  2. Open Postman.

  3. In the menu, click File>Import. The Import window is displayed.

  4. Click Choose Files and select the downloaded JSON files or just drop the files in the Drop files here area.
  5. Wait until Postman loads the collection and environment for the selected version of ActivePlatform:
    • In the left panel, on the Collections tab, the ActivePlatform API collection is displayed.
    • In the top-right corner, in the environment list, the AP Test environment is available.

Configuring the environment

To get access to the API service, it is necessary to configure the following parameters:

  1. In the base_url variable, specify the path of the ActivePlatform installation (for example,

    For the base_url variable, you may need to request the URL of the server from the support or DevOps team.

  2. In the token variable, specify the valid authentication token of a manager who will perform API requests. For the procedure of generating a new token, see Regenerating a Manager's API token.

After getting access to the API service, the values of the other variables can be set when needed.

 How to set the value of an environment variable in Postman

To set the value of an environment variable in Postman:

  1. Open Postman.
  2. In the top-right corner, in the environment list, select the required environment.
  3. Click . The list of environment variables is displayed.

  4. Hover the mouse pointer over a row with the required variable and click .

  5. In the Current Value column, enter the required value of the variable and press Enter.

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