Get async task

The Get async task method is used with ordering a new subscription (see Create sales order) for checking the status of an asynchronous task of the current reseller or any of its downstream resellers. An asynchronous task is used to validate the values of additional attributes on the service side (see Validate order attributes of plan).

An API token of a manager is required for authorization. To get an API token via the Operator Control Panel, see Viewing and updating Manager's information

The manager's API token specified in an API request determines the current reseller and downstream resellers accessible within a method.

GET {base_url}/api/v3/resellers/{reseller_id}/async_tasks/{async_task_id}



Parameter Type

Data type



X-Api-TokenheaderstringRequiredAPI token of a manager that performs the operation (see Viewing and updating Manager's information)
Content-TypeheaderstringRequiredMedia type of the request. Specify the following: application/vnd.api+json

Supported media types of the answer. Specify the following: application/vnd.api+json

base_urlpathstringRequiredActivePlatform URL
reseller_idpathintegerRequiredID of the current reseller or any of its downstream resellers (see Viewing and updating Reseller general information)


pathintegerRequiredID of the asynchronous task

Response model


Data type


dataobjectResponse data

idstringID of the asynchronous task

typestringData type

attributesobjectAttributes of the asynchronous task


Status of the asynchronous task:

  • pending — the task is created.
  • running — the task is active, validation is undergoing.
  • completed — the task is completed successfully.
  • failed — the task is failed due to an error on the platform side.

failure_messagestringError description — if the asynchronous task is failed due to an error on the platform side (status = failed)

resultsobjectInformation about validation of additional attributes — if the asynchronous task is completed successfully (status = completed)


Validation result:

  • true — all additional attributes are valid.
  • false — any of additional attributes are not valid.

errorsarrayList of keys of additional attributes and error descriptions — if any of additional attributes are not valid (valid = false)


Request example

GET /api/v3/resellers/1/async_tasks/9b68427b-52d5-4c01-9b77-eb1b70517414
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
X-Api-Token: vY5fwetestK3gJXZH5uHCw
Accept: application/vnd.api+json

Response example 

        "id": "9b68427b-52d5-4c01-9b77-eb1b70517414",
        "type": "async_tasks",
            "status": "completed",
            "failure_message": "",
                    "valid": true,
                    "errors": [{}] ,
                    "application_attributes": {application_attributes}

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