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Automatic stopping a Subscription

For postpaid Subscriptions, see also Specifics of managing postpaid Subscriptions.

The platform may stop a Subscription automatically in the following cases:

For stopping a Subscription, manual approval by a Manager may be required. In this case, a Subscription gets the Waiting for manual approve status and will be stopped only after approval.

Manual stopping a Subscription

Manual stopping and activating can be applied to a Subscription when it is necessary to temporarily stop using the Subscription, with the possibility of a customer having a refund for the period when the Subscription was stopped. A Subscription can also be stopped if an Account decided to end using it before the expiration date.

Manual stopping and activating a Subscription are available for selected Plans and Services only.

The refund policy and the activation fee depend on the terms of the Plan.

To stop a Subscription:

  1. Sign in to the Customer Control Panel. The list of Subscriptions is displayed (see Viewing the list of Subscriptions).
  2. In the block with the required Subscription, click Stop. The confirmation window is displayed.

    If a Subscription is linked to a Prolong Order or Renewal Order in the Waiting for payment or Waiting for provisioning status, this Order and a linked Payment that was paid from the Account balance or is not completed (if it exists) is automatically cancelled with stopping the Subscription. This extra action guarantees that a stopped Subscription cannot be accidentally activated if an Order becomes completed (see Activating a Subscription).

  3. In the confirmation window, click Confirm.

The Stop button is also available in the Configuration section of a Subscription (see Viewing Subscription details).

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