Viewing Subscription details

To view the details of a Subscription:

  1. Sign in to the Customer Control Panel. The Subscriptions page is displayed. (see Viewing the list of Subscriptions).

    The Subscriptions page is also available from any page of the Customer Control Panel in the Navigation Bar, in the Subscriptions section.

  2. In the list of Subscriptions, click the name or ID of the required Subscription. The Subscription details page is displayed with the Horizontal navigation menu.

The Horizontal navigation menu of the Subscription details page includes the following items:

  • Configuration — displayed by default for the majority of Subscription. May not be displayed for some Services that do not require the renewing and Resource management. The Configuration section of the Subscription details page includes the following elements:

    • Name and ID of the Subscription.

    •  Subscription status
      • Installation failed — an error occurred during the installation of the ordered application.
      • Activating failed — an error occurred during the activation process.
      • Renewing failed — an error occurred during the renewal process.
      • Updating failed — an error occurred during the update process.
      • Stopping failed — an error occurred during the stopping process.
      • Deletion failed — an error occurred during the deleting process.
      • Installing — the ordered applications are installing.
      • Activating — the Subscription is activating.
      • Renewing — the platform is renewing the Subscription.
      • Updating — the Subscription resource is updating.
      • Stopping — the platform is stopping the Subscription.
      • Deleting — the platform is deleting the Subscription.
      • Ordered — customer ordered the Subscription.
      • Active — the Subscription is activated.
      • Graced — the customer did not pay for the Subscription, and after the Grace period, the Subscription will be stopped.
      • Stopped — the Subscription is stopped.
      • Blocked — the Subscription is blocked because the related Payment expired (see Viewing the list of Payments). To activate the Subscription, complete the related Payment (see Completing a Payment). This status appears only within the Postpay model. Any operations with blocked Subscriptions are forbidden.
      • Deleted — the Subscription is deleted.
      • Delivered — the Subscription with the Non-recurring Subscription billing type is activated.
      • Waiting for manual approve — an operation with the Subscription should be approved by a Manager. Any further operations with the Subscription are forbidden.
    • Payment model:
      • Prepay — the customer makes payments before factual using the service.
      • Postpay — the customer makes payments after factual using the service.
    • Consumed — amount of consumption in the current period calculated as the total amount of all blocked Charges for the postpaid Subscription for the current Billing period. Displayed for postpaid Subscriptions only.
    • Blocking threshold — maximum amount of consumption above which the postpaid Subscription will be stopped. Displayed for postpaid Subscriptions only.
    • Horizontal navigation menu of the Subscription management sections. Available sections depend on the services of the Subscription.
    • Renew Subscription — renewing the Subscription (see Renewing a Subscription). Displayed if applicable.
    • Switch Plan — the button is available if the current Plan of the Subscription can be switched to another (see Changing a Plan of the existing Subscription).
    • Activate — the button is available for some types of Subscriptions in the Stopped status (see Stopping a Subscription).
    • Prolong — manual prolonging the Subscription. The button is available for Subscriptions with fixed monthly payments only (see Prolonging a Subscription).
    • Reason of Subscription blocking — displayed for blocked Subscriptions with Payments to be completed for the Subscription activation (see Completing a Payment). Contains the list of the links to the related Payments in the Expired status (see Viewing Payment Details).
    • Auto-renew options (see Auto-Renewing Subscriptions):
      • Auto-renew — managing the auto-renew option.
      • Period — setting the period of the auto-renew.
        The auto-renew options are not displayed for Subscriptions with the endless period.
    • Expires — the expiration date of the Subscription.
    • Reason of disabling operations with resources — reason for blocking operations with Resources is displayed for the trial, stopped, and blocked Subscriptions. This notification specifies the reason for blocked Resources operations.
    • Resource management — group of elements for changing an amount of the Subscription Resources (see Changing a number of Additional Resources).

      On the Subscription page, all Resource prices are displayed in the Plan currency. It may differ from the Reseller currency used in Orders, Charges, and Payments for the Subscription. For actual information about currency exchange rates, see Screen Layout.

    • Stop — stopping the Subscription. Available for some types of Subscriptions with the Active status (see Stopping a Subscription).
    • Delete subscription — cancelling the Subscription (see Deleting a Subscription). The button is displayed for new Subscriptions after purchasing when the cancelation is allowed. Next to the button, the countdown timer is displayed. When the period expires, the button and timer disappear, and deleting the Subscription becomes unavailable.
    • Cancellation terms — if the Subscription requires obligations and payment commitment for its whole period.
  • Information — the section with additional information about the Service: credentials to access the Service, instructions on activating the Subscription, links to the Service portal, and other Service-specific data. For the details, see Services. User documentation.

  • Analytics — see Viewing Charges for a Subscription.
  • Orders — the list of Orders (see Viewing the List of Orders) filtered by the ID of the current Subscription.

  • Other items — depending on the Service. For the details, see Services. User documentation.

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