Viewing the list of Subscriptions

To view the list of Subscriptions, sign in to the Customer Control Panel (see Signing in to the Customer Control Panel). The Subscriptions page is displayed on the Main Screen.

The Subscriptions page is also available from any page of the Customer Control Panel in the Navigation Bar, in the Subscriptions section.

The Subscriptions page contains the following elements:

    • Message with the link to accept the Microsoft agreement — if an Account has at least one Subscription to Microsoft services in any status but Deleted, and the Microsoft agreement is not accepted.
    • Buy Subscription ordering a new Subscription (see Ordering a Subscription).
    • Top up — topping up the Account Balance (see Adding money to the Account Balance).
    • Full-text search by the ID and name of a Subscription.
    • Filter by the Subscription status.

      • Installation failed — an error occurred during the installation of the ordered application.
      • Activating failed — an error occurred during the activation process.
      • Renewing failed — an error occurred during the renewal process.
      • Updating failed — an error occurred during the update process.
      • Stopping failed — an error occurred during the stopping process.
      • Deletion failed — an error occurred during the deleting process.
      • Installing — the ordered applications are installing.
      • Activating — the Subscription is activating.
      • Renewing — the platform is renewing the Subscription.
      • Updating — the Subscription resource is updating.
      • Stopping — the platform is stopping the Subscription.
      • Deleting — the platform is deleting the Subscription.
      • Ordered — customer ordered the Subscription.
      • Active — the Subscription is activated.
      • Graced — the customer did not pay for the Subscription, and after the Grace period, the Subscription will be stopped.
      • Stopped — the Subscription is stopped.
      • Blocked — the Subscription is blocked because the related Payment expired (see Viewing the list of Payments). To activate the Subscription, complete the related Payment (see Completing a Payment). This status appears only within the Postpay model. Any operations with blocked Subscriptions are forbidden.
      • Deleted — the Subscription is deleted.
      • Delivered — the Subscription with the Non-recurring Subscription billing type is activated.
      • Waiting for manual approve — an operation with the Subscription should be approved by a Manager. Any further operations with the Subscription are forbidden.

    • Filter by the Subscription payment model:
      • Prepay — the customer makes payments before factual using the service.
      • Postpay — the customer makes payments after factual using the service.
      The filters are applied immediately when selected.
    • Total cost of services with monthly payments — the total amount of monthly payments for all active Subscriptions of the Account within the Prepay model that are billed on the monthly basis.
    • The list of Subscriptions:
      • Entry Point of the Application — a colorful tile with the link to the Application page or page with information about the Application depending on the Application settings. When the mouse pointer is hovered over the tile, the "To the control panel of the service" or "Get information about the service" tooltip is displayed respectively. For the detailed description of the operations with Entry Points, see Managing Applications.
      • Subscription block:
        • ID and name of the Subscription — a link to the Subscription management and details page (see Viewing Subscription details). When the mouse pointer is hovered over the tile, the "To the subscription configuration" tooltip is displayed. The link is not available for Subscriptions in the Ordered status. Trial Subscriptions have the Trial label.
        • Subscription status.
        • Payment modelPrepay or Postpay. For postpaid Subscriptions, the following additional elements are displayed:
          • Consumed — amount of consumption in the current period calculated as the total amount of all blocked Charges for the postpaid Subscription for the current Billing period.
          • Blocking threshold — maximum amount of consumption above which the postpaid Subscription will be stopped.
        • Renewal Fee — cost of renewing the Subscription. The displayed information may vary depending on the Billing type. Not displayed if the corresponding Plan is inactive or deactivated by a provider.
        • Next charges — the amounts of the Charges for the next Billing period of the Subscription. The displayed information may vary depending on the Billing type.
        • Expiration date — the expiration date of the Subscription. The expiration date is not displayed for Subscriptions with the endless period.

          One month before the expiration date, the element gets the orange color. On the expiration day, the element changes the title to Subscription expired and gets the red color.

        • Paid to — the date to which the Subscription with fixed monthly payments is prolonged (see Prolonging a Subscription). Displayed for prepaid Subscriptions.
        • Monthly cost of the Subscription — displayed for Subscription in the Active status, if applicable.
        • Auto renewing — the automatic renewal option assures timely Payments for the Subscription so it does not stop. If the auto-renewal option is turned on, the customer receives an Invoice for renewal and notification to pay an Order. If the Account Balance is sufficient, the Order is paid automatically. Displayed if applicable.

          The Auto renewing switch is not available if changing the auto-renewal option of the Subscription is forbidden for the customer in the Operator Comtrol Panel (see Viewing and updating Subscription's details).

        • Subscription management buttons that are displayed if applicable:
        • Warning message about unpaid payments — displayed for postpaid Subscriptions with Payments in the Waiting for payment or Expired status.
        • List of unpaid payments — the list of Payments in the Waiting for payment or Expired status linked to the Subscription. The list includes the following columns with information about Payments:
          • Payments — link to the Payment details page (see Viewing Payment Details).
          • Created at — date and time when the Payment was created.
          • StatusPayment status.
          • Operation (for example, Purchase for Sales OrdersRenewing for Renewal Orders).
          • Total — total amount of the Payment.

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