Ordering a Subscription

To order a Subscription, complete the wizard steps with the configuration of the Subscription, amount of the Resources, and the Service-specific additional parameters (for additional information about ordering Subscriptions to particular Services, see ActivePlatform. Services. User documentation). On the last step, confirm the Order.

After confirming the Order:

  • For prepaid Subscriptions, a new Payment is created. The ordered Subscription will be created only after completing the Payment (see Completing a Payment).
  • For postpaid Subscriptions, the ordered Subscription is created right after confirming the OrderPayments will be created monthly after each Billing period.

On the Subscription configuration steps, all prices are displayed in the Plan currency. On the Order confirmation step, all prices are displayed in the Reseller currency that will be used in the OrderCharges, and Payments for the SubscriptionFor actual information about currency exchange rates, see Screen Layout.

If confirmation of an Order is not available, a message explaining the reason is displayed, and the Submit button is not available.

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Ordering a Subscription as a registered user

To order a Subscription:

  1. Sign in to the Customer Control Panel. The Subscriptions page is displayed.
  2. On the Subscriptions page, click Buy Subscription. The New Subscription page is displayed.

  3. Optionally, in the Product list, select the Product linked to the required Service.
  4. In the Plan list, select the required Plan.
  5. In the Plan period, select the required period of the Subscription.

    All three fields support in-line search by the ID and name of the objects.

  6. Click Next. The Subscription configuration page is displayed.

    The Subscription configuration page is skipped when the selected Plan has only one Period and no available Resources.

    The Subscription configuration page includes the following elements:

    • Payment model:
      • Prepay — the customer makes payments before factual using the Service.
      • Postpay — the customer makes payments after factual using the Service.

        The default payment model is set for an Account by the Operator in the Account class and cannot be changed while ordering a Subscription via the Customer Control Panel. At the same time, the Reseller can choose the payment model while ordering a Subscription via the Operator Control Panel.

    • Blocking threshold — the available Subscription debt, above which the postpaid Subscription will be stopped. Displayed for postpaid Subscriptions only.
    • Plan periods — available periods of the Subscription. Trial periods have the Trial label.
    • Register domain — a group of elements for checking the availability of a domain for registration if the Service requires using domain names.
    • Subscription Configuration — a table with information about Resources, their amount, and costs:

      • For a Resource, the minimum and maximum amounts available for ordering (displayed under the Resource name), as well as the included amount, can be predefined in the Subscription. A customer can change the amount of a Resource in the Order. The Resource cost is calculated for the Resource amount above the included only.
      • For a Resource, the Setup fee and the Recurring fee can be predefined in the Subscription. Fees that are equal to zero are not displayed in the table.
      • Amount — the total cost of a Resource for the selected amount and period.
      • Subscription total — the total cost of the Subscription for the selected period, including the total cost of all Resources.
  7. Optionally, in the Plan periods group, change the period of the Subscription. The selected period has inverted colors.
  8. In the Register domain group, check the availability of the domain for registration if the Service requires using domain names.
  9. In the Subscription Configuration group, set the additional amount of the Resources for the Subscription, if they are available.

    If the included amount of a Resource is less than the minimum amount, it is necessary to increase the additional amount of the Resource at least up to the minimum amount.

  10.  Click Next. The Order confirmation page is displayed.
  11. On the Order confirmation page:
    1. Check the following Order information:
      1. Information messages about the Subscription specific aspects: logic of the billing type, Service provisioning procedure, and generating Payments. The messages are displayed depending on the Subscription and Account parameters.
      2. The list of the ordered items, their quantity, and cost.
      3. The total amount of the Order.
    2. Optionally, in the Promo code field, enter a Promo code and click Apply to apply a discount.

    3. If the Operator enabled the Terms and Conditions agreement function:
      1. Read the Terms and Conditions agreement available at the Terms and Conditions link.
      2. Accept the agreement. To do that, select the checkbox.

    4. In the Choose the company group, select the Company to pay the Order:
      1. To choose one of the available Companies that can be used for ordering the selected Subscription:
        1. Make sure that the Use existing option is selected.
        2. In the list, select the preferred Company.

          If there is only one Company that can be used for ordering the selected Subscription, the Use existing option does not have the list. Instead of it, the name of that Company is displayed.

          If there are no Companies that can be used for ordering the selected Subscription, the Use existing option is not displayed. Instead of it, the information message and group of elements for creating a new Company are displayed.

      2. To create a new Company to pay the Order:
        1. Select the Create new option. The group of elements for creating a new Company is displayed.

        2.  In the Choose account type group, select the required Account type of the new Company.

          If the selected Subscription can be ordered for a Company of only one Account type, in the Choose account type group, this Account type is displayed as a text and cannot be changed.

        3. In the Company information group, enter the address and other required information depending on the selected Account type.

          To reuse the information of the existing Company for a new one, click the Use information from {Company name} link. The corresponding fields will be filled in automatically.

          It is not possible to use Crimea as the Region in the address information of an Account. The Reseller may also forbid changing the default Country of an Account.

  12. Click Next to confirm the Order:
    • If a Customer chose another Company or created a new one, the Customer Control Panel will be switched to this Company.
    • If the total amount of the Order is equal to 0, the list of Subscriptions will be displayed (see Viewing the list of Subscriptions).
    • If the total amount of the Order is greater than 0, the page with details of the Payment in the Waiting for payment status will be displayed (see Viewing Payment Details). 
    • If, due to the imposed restrictions, creating an Order for the selected Product is not available for the Company, or the platform fails to complete validation of imposed restrictions, the Order will not be created. The list of Subscriptions will be displayed with the explaining message for the Company specified during the Order configuring. Contact the support team (see Help) or try to repeat the steps above.

If the Account did not accept the Terms and Conditions, the Next button is not available, and the Oder cannot be completed.

Ordering a Subscription as an unregistered user

The process of ordering a Subscription for unregistered users is similar to the process for registered users but includes the additional steps of the user registration (see Short and full registration).

For trial Subscriptions, usually, only the short user registration is required. However, for several Services (for example, Microsoft Office 365), the full user registration is required.

For paid Subscriptions, the full user registration is required for all Services.

Ordering a trial Subscription

The process of ordering a trial Subscription has the following specifics:

  1. Trial periods have the Trial label.
  2. Trial Subscriptions are free.
  3. Changing the Resource amount is not available. In the Subscription Configuration group, the total amount of Resources available for a customer is displayed.

Ordering a Subscription with manual approval

Some Services require manual approval of the provisioning actions by a Manager. These Services are configured to use the Manual Provisioning Plugin and have the following specific aspects of ordering a Subscription:

  1. After specifying the amount of the Resources, on the additional step, it may be required to specify the sets of values of the Parameters for every ordered unit of the Resources. If applied, these parameters are required for proper Service provisioning.
  2. After completing the Order, the Subscription gets the Installing status and remains in this status until the Manager handles the related Manual Operation. For Subscriptions in the Installing status, no operations are available in the Customer Control Panel.

Ordering a Subscription with mandatory balance top-up

When a Subscription is ordered via Storefront, it may be required to top up the Account balance to start the Service provisioning. The top-up amount will be displayed on the Order confirmation step. As a result, a Sales Order with 0 amount and a top-up Payment for the given amount will be created and linked to the Subscription. This approach may be used for pay-as-you-go Subscriptions within the Prepay model.

The top-up payment is required to make sure that an ordered Subscription will not be stopped almost right after its activation:

  1. A pay-as-you-go Subscription within the Prepay model blocks funds on the Account balance only for the amount of Resources consumed on the Service side.
  2. Usually, the first consumption data from the Service side is processed on the platform side one hour after the Subscription activation.
  3. The top-up payment is used to cover the Resource consumption.
  4. Depending on the Service, the top-up amount can be fixed or defined by the ordered amount of Resources.

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