Viewing application template details

To view the application template details:

  1. Go to Connectors (see Navigation). The list of application templates is displayed (see Viewing the list of application templates).
  2. Click the ID or name of the required application template. The application template details page is displayed.

The application template details page includes the following tabs:

  • General — the general information about the application template that includes the following elements:
    • Name — the application template name.
    • Key — the non-unique application template key. The key is used for synchronizing the application template data between the platform and third-party systems via API.
    • Description — additional information about the application template.
    • Icon — the application template logo.
    • Other elements — depending on the plugin or APS package used for creating the application template (see Creating application templates).
  • Plans — the list of plans that include the application template (see Viewing the list of plans).
  • Parameters — the list of parameters manually added to the application template (see Adding a parameter to an application template).
  • Plugin Settings — the list of settings of the plugin or APS package.
  • Applications — the list of application instances created for ordered subscriptions (see Viewing the list of application instances).
  • Resources — the list of resources of the application template that can be added to a plan (see Viewing the list of resources of an application template).
  • Entry Points — the list of entry points of the application template (see Managing entry points of an application template).
  • Log — the history of operations with the application template (see Viewing an object log).
  • Other tabs — depending on the plugin or APS package used for creating the application template.

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