Version 1.59. Release Date 27.10.2015

New features

  • Office 365 support. Integration with a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software by Microsoft for services provisioning and management. (BBB-3487, BBB-3488, BBB-3489, BBB-3490, BBB-3491)
  • Domain order manual completion. Now the manager can complete domain order manually if provisioning of domain subscription is failed due to application fail. (AAA-85)
  • Unique service plan. Now the manager can set if service plan will be available for ordering more than once within the same account or not. (BBB-3494)


  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Public folder creation. (BBB-3606)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Public folder attributes editing. (BBB-3608)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Permissions management for the Public folder. (BBB-3609)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Restrictions management for the Public folder. (BBB-3607)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Permissions management for Distribution group. (BBB-3604)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Permissions management for Mailbox. (BBB-3600)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Display of setting information. (BBB-3603)

Bugs resolved

  • Transactions are not closed every day. (AAA-210)
  • Payment via Robokassa fails occasionally. (AAA-151)
  • CloudServer statistics values don’t match to charges. (AAA-135)
  • Domain transfer leads to 500 error. (BBB-3408)
  • Renewal of RU domains fails. (BBB-3628)