Version 1.60. Release Date 10.11.2015

New features

  • Support of new Top-Level Domains for Domain registration and transfer. Now ActivePlatform supports registration and transfer domains via OpenSRS in such Top-Level Domains as : .aero, .asia, .be, .ca,, .dk, .fr, .hk, .it, .mx, .ru, .us. (AAA-193, AAA-197, AAA-198, AAA-199, AAA-200, AAA-201, AAA-202,  AAA-203, AAA-204, AAA-205, AAA-206, AAA-207, AAA-208, AAA-209)


  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Column "Alias" with an alias of Distribution group was added to the Distribution groups grid. (BBB-3656)

Bugs resolved

  • Notification of zero balance is sent to the customer who has no CloudServer subscriptions. (AAA-184)
  • 'Confirm' button is disabled on trial account renew step if the form was filled in incorrectly. (BBB-3736)
  • Click on the Shared-hosting entry-point leads to 500 error. (BBB-3769)
  • It is possible to create already existed domains. (BBB-3763)
  • Trying to resubmit Sales order in 'provisioning_failed' status leads to 500 error. (BBB-3756)
  • Order of Office 365 subscription fails. (BBB-3738)
  • Changing parameters of resource or creating a new resource in an Application template lead to an exception. (BBB-3724)
  • Multiple applications are created when trying to provide user access to the application. (BBB-3723)
  • Provisioning resubmit leads to an error when an order has two order items and only one of them is failed. (BBB-3708)
  • Removing of the domain is performed without the confirmation message. (BBB-3680)
  • Implementing requests with Created_at parameter in API methods leads to error. (BBB-3590)
  • Unsuccessful tasks stuck in 'Scheduled' status after rerunning. (BBB-3355)