Version 1.61. Release Date 24.11.2015


  • 'Select all' checkbox was added to 'Add Resource Rates', 'Plan Application Templates' and 'Plan Resources' grids in Operator (Partner) control panel. (BBB-3762)
  • Ability to insert Reseller custom attributes was added to UI templates. (BBB-3788)
  • 'Search' field was added to the 'Application Templates' page in Operator (Partner) control panel. (BBB-3774)

Bugs resolved

  • Remove of DNS-domain leads to remove of domain application. (AAA-255)
  • After completion of domain order manually DNS-domain is not created. (AAA-256) 
  • Entry-point is not created after an order of CloudServer subscription. (BBB-3795)
  • Resubmit of SO order in 'provisioning_failed' status leads to 500 error. (BBB-3776)
  • Smscru Plugin misses settings parameter 'url'. (BBB-3789)
  • Add of A-record for a Cyrillic subdomain leads to 500 error. (BBB-3730)