Version 1.62. Release Date 08.12.2015

New features

  • Ability to view and edit Transfer Code filled in by a customer for a manager. Now the manager can see and edit transfer code in Operator (Partner) control panel filled in by the customer. (AAA-280)

  • Ability to get Domain AuthCode from OpenSRS. Now domain admin has ability to get Domain AuthCode directly from OpenSRS via Customer Control Panel in such Top-Level Domains as: .aero, .asia, .be, .biz, .bz, .cc, .com, .hk, .in, .info, .me, .mobi, .mx, .name, .net, .nl, .org, .tel, .tv, .tw, .ws, .us. (AAA-277)
  • Ability to download receipt of completed payment. Now the customer has the ability to download receipt of completed payment on payments page of Customer Control Panel. (AAA-246)

  • Detailed information about a payment on payments page. Now customer sees detailed information about a payment on payments page in Customer Control Panel. (AAA-258)


  • Generate button for the password was added to create manager page. (BBB-3711)

  • Delete button was removed from reseller details page. (BBB-3608)

  • Support of STARTTLS and NTLM auth-method for email notification was added. (BBB-3847)
  • The functionality of check/cash plugin was moved to сore. (AAA-249)
  • Default payment method for Account type can be set only on payment methods based on сheck/cash. (AAA-252)

Bugs resolved

  • Switch of plan only new plan transaction is present in Transactions list. (BBB-3616)

  • Validation error when a user is trying to create a new Open-Xchange mailbox based on the cyrillic domain. (BBB-3728)
  • Сreate an alias for the mailbox with Open-Xchange application is failed. (AAA-254)
  • Cannot add MX type DNS record with fully qualified domain name into "Exchange" field. (BBB-3811)
  • Renew a CloudServer trial subscription Сloudstack limits remain the same as for trial. (AAA-147)
  • Existing user cannot be invited to an account. (BBB-3731)
  • A user cannot be invited to the account. (BBB-3743)
  • Excel file downloaded from invoices grid is empty. (BBB-3824)
  • Cannot use negation in event handler query. (BBB-3782)
  • Trial Shared hosting subscriptions create renew orders. (AAA-229)
  • CloudServer subscription wasn't activated after activation in Operator (Partner) control panel . (AAA-297)
  • Order of subscription from Operator (Partner) control panel leads to 500 error. (BBB-3866)
  • When a manager is trying to get payments filtered by date via API they get an empty array. (BBB-3851)
  • Cannot register a Cyrillic domain in Customer Control Panel. (BBB-3892)
  • Impossible to attach a Cyrillic domain to ISPManager application. (BBB-3874)
  • Add of A-record for a Cyrillic subdomain leads to the validation error. (BBB-3876)
  • The order created by a user appears as a ‘System’ in the log. (BBB-3786)
  • Notes area doesn't refresh after adding a note in Operator (Partner) control panel. (BBB-3791)