Version 1.63. Release Date 28.12.2015

New features

  • Ability to set a weight of custom attribute. Now the manager can set a weight of custom attribute to determine their display order on the page. (BBB-3675)
  • Display 'Confirm navigation' pop-up window in Operator (Partner) control panel. Now 'Confirm navigation' pop-up window displays in Operator (Partner) control panel if manager changed data in a form and left this form and did not save these changes . (AAA-276)
  • Unified (Сore and applications) password logic. Now after attachment of a user to an application with active “password request” option user should change current random password to Core password. (BBB-3740, BBB-3688, BBB-3687, BBB-3685)


  • Cloud charge process for CloudServer plugin was made as multitasks. (AAA-315)
  • Placeholder 'Link to Payment' for download receipt was implemented for notifications about subscription expiration . (AAA-94)

Bugs resolved

  • Order for domain BY fails even though the domain is actually registered. (AС-253)
  • Сhange of password  for Open-Xchange user leads to 500 error. (BBB-3958)
  • Payments are not visible in Customer Control Panel. (AAA-321)