Version 1.64. Release Date 11.01.2016

New features

  • Ability to forbid completion of payment via guaranteed payment for certain plan class. Now a manager can forbid payment completion via guaranteed payment for certain plan class by unchecking a checkbox 'Available for payment by guaranteed payment' on Plan class page. (AAA-310)
  • Support Microsoft CSP resellers model support. Now there is an ability to type MPN ID on Reseller create/details page. The value of MPN ID will be sent to Microsoft after ordering Microsoft cloud service by customer/manager of the reseller. (BBB-3803)
  • Ability to apply additional attribute for plan resources. Now a manager can apply additional attribute for plan resource entity. (BBB-3899)

Bugs resolved

  • Switch order is completed without payment. (BBB-3793)
  • Switch order changes items from all previous orders. (BBB-3792)
  • Resources are not installed after switching plan. (BBB-3893)