Version 1.66. Release Date 02.02.2016

New features

  • Ability to view information about DNS servers in Customer Control Panel. Now Customer (Account owner/admin) can view information about DNS servers managed by ActivePlatform. (BBB-4063)
  • Display of password validation helper on Registration page in Customer Control Panel. Now password validation helper is displayed to Customer on Registration page. (AAA-324) 
  • Notification of guaranteed payment creation. Now notification is sent after guaranteed payment creation. (AAA-397)


  • Now a customer can go to renewal of domain subscription from Domain showpage in Customer Control Panel. (BBB-4034)

Bugs resolved

  • [CloudServer] Sorting snapshots (backups) by creation date fails. (AAA-136)
  • Trying to switch subscription plan leads to 422 error. (BBB-4031)
  • Payment via webpay was completed but remained in 'waiting for payment' status. (AAA-341)
  • API call  /api/vendor/v1/accounts fails with 500 error. (BBB-4087)
  • Downgrade order doesn't refund the amount for a downgraded resource. (BBB-3971)