Version 1.69. Release Date 15.03.2016

New features

  • Ability to view a number of services attached to each user of account in Customer Control Panel. Now Customer (account owner/admin) can view the amount of services attached to each user of the account. (BBB-4175)

  • Reset password to Azure Pack Application during resetting password to ActivePlatform user. Now a change the password to ActivePlatform user leads to a change the Azure Pack Application password. (BBB-4082)

  • Notification of Azure Pack subscription status changeNow Customer can get notifications when Azure Pack subscription is activated, stopped, deleted. (BBB-4108)


  • Now system displays confirmation window in Customer Control Panel when a customer tries to detach user from the account only if this user has application user. (AAA-423)

  • [MS Exchange] Forced deleting the public folder in the case it's inactive. (BBB-4011)

  • [MS Exchange] Deleting Distribution Groups with confirmation. (BBB-3533)
  • Move sidekiq schedule from sidetiq to another scheduler. (BBB-4181)
  • Using Setup fee instead of the renewal fee in case of subscription renewal with additional resources from non-endless period to endless period. (BBB-4202)
  • Implementation of message 'the client is not tied to one account'. (AAA-472)
  • Implementation of UI templates. (BBB-4229)

Bugs resolved

  • Domain owner never got the notification about expiration and domain expired. (AAA-485)

  • A user cannot register with reseller if such email is already used within another reseller. (AAA-474)

  • Order for domain .by/.bel fails the first time with 'failed to acquire lock' error. (AAA-467)

  • A user is able to post domain order directly to the shopping cart without validation. (AAA-459)

  • When a user adds existing www-domain in shared hosting panel DNS records get overwritten. (AAA-428)

  • Resources usage for hosting subscriptions is not considered. (AAA-425)

  • Set locale for custom menu items in Customer Control Panel. (AAA-409)

  • A manager is not able to set a new expiration date on created domain's subscription. (BBB-4235)

  • Account created without user-owner. (BBB-4233)

  • A user with Cyrillic passport serial (e.g. МР) is unable to register by/bel domain. (BBB-4228)

  • GET API methods return data in English locale. (BBB-4218)

  • When a user clicks 'Cancel' during renewal order placement procedure the subscription is deleted. (BBB-4213)

  • A user gets unformatted balance value in notifications. (BBB-4143)

  • When a manager tries to approve manual operation for application update he gets 500 error. (BBB-4140)

  • Account-manager is unselected from an account, but still shown in Customer Control Panel. (BBB-4134)

  • Changing of plan resources does not affect actually used resources for shared hosting. (BBB-4027)

  • When trial account buys commercial subscription not all attributes are collected. (AAA-482)