Version 1.70. Release Date 29.03.2016

New features

  • Licenses usage accounting. The functionality of licenses usage accounting for “monthly”, “revenue” and “one-time” licensing type was added. (CCC-54, CCC-55, CCC-56, CCC-57)

  • Licenses usage report generation. The functionality of generating a report - .xls file for selected Vendors and period was added. (CCC-60, CCC-73)

  • Implemented of OAuth 2.0 authentication for Managers. Ability to authenticate in Operator (Partner) Control Panel using third-party credentials was added. (BBB-3993)
  • Ability to delete an account in Operator (Partner) Control Panel. Now Manager can delete accounts which have no subscriptions or have subscriptions with ‘deleted’ status. Deleted accounts aren't displayed on Customer Control Panel. (AAA-446)
  • Multiple detach of users from service in Customer Control Panel. Now Customer can detach multiple users from service. (BBB-4103)
  • Switch plan period from trial to non-trial Azure Pack. Now account owner (administrator) can switch plan period in Azure Pack subscription from trial to non-trial. (BBB-4093)
  • Billing of resource usage of Azure Pack subscription daily. Now resource usage statistic of Azure Pack subscription are collected and resource usage is billed. (BBB-3642)
  • Reset password from Azure Pack Customer Panel. Now Customer can reset the password from Azure Pack Customer Panel. (BBB-4113)
  • Display of ‘link’ and ‘user name’ information from Azure Pack Customer Panel in Customer Control Panel. Now Customer can view ‘link’ and ‘user name’ information from Azure Pack Customer Panel in Customer Control Panel. ( BBB-4250)

Bugs resolved

  • A customer is able to place an order for domain transfer which was unavailable for transfer. (BBB-4323)

  • Subscription is activated but application user is in provisioning_failed status. (AAA-488)
  • There is an ability to cancel 'failed' status order. (BBB-4326)
  • There is incorrect date format in the text of email notification. (BBB-4314)

  • Impossible to order BelGIE application via shopping cart. (BBB-4070)

  • Inaccurate search results in the 'Domains' section of Operator (Partner) Control Panel. (AAA-502)

  • Current reseller's custom attributes are visible for any reseller. (BBB-4303)

  • When customer purchases hosting-type subscription sales order notification includes all charges instead of grouped charge. (AAA-481)

  • Calendar in IaaS-panel has no 'next' and 'prev' arrows for a year. (BBB-4018)