Version 1.72. Release Date 26.04.2016

New features

  • Added columns to downloaded xls-file with Charges. Now xls-file with Charges contains additional columns: “Account ID”, “Account Name”, “Account Class Name”, “Plan Category”, “Plan ID”, “Plan Category ID” and “Plan”. (BBB-4413)
  • Implemented an ability to set fixed price for a service plan. Now Manager can set fixed price for a service plan. In this case, customer upgrades the service plan at a price fixed at the time of the subscription order. If Manager changes prices for plan period or plan resources for the service plan with 'Fixed price' the new prices will be applied after subscription renew. ( BBB-4354)
  • Expanded of ActivePlatform API. The following API methods have been added:
    • 'Detach user from account'. The method allows detaching a user from an account. (BBB-4396)
    • 'Attach user to account'. The method allows attaching a user to the account. (BBB-4395)
    • 'Renew subscription'. The method allows creating new order for subscription renewal. (BBB-4351)

    • 'Change subscription resources (upgrade or downgrade)'. The method allows creating either new upgradeOrder or downgradeOrder to modify subscriptions resources. (BBB-4352)

    • 'Switch subscriptions plan'. The method allows creating new order for switching subscriptions plan to other available. (BBB-4353)


  • The following entities have been renamed for RU locale Operator (Partner) Control Panel: (BBB-4426, BBB-4417, BBB-3758)

    • ‘Аккаунты’ has been renamed to ‘Клиенты’.

    • ‘Очередь операций’ has been renamed to ‘Очередь задач’.
    • ‘Журнал уведомлений’ has been renamed to ‘Журнал Email уведомлений’.

    • ‘Продуктовые категории’ has been renamed to ‘Категории тарифных планов’.
    • ‘Интеграция приложений’ has been renamed to ‘Услуги’.

    • ‘Категории учетных записей’ has been renamed to ‘Типы аккаунтов’.
    • ‘Лог’ has been renamed to ‘Журнал событий’.

    • ‘Произвольные атрибуты’ has been renamed to ‘Дополнительные параметры’.
    • ‘Настройки уведомлений’ has been renamed to ‘События уведомлений’.
    • ‘Приложения’ has been renamed to ‘Экземпляры’.

    • 'Триал' has been renamed to 'Пробный'
  • The following entities have been renamed for RU locale Customer Control Panel: ( BBB-4426, BBB-3758)
    • ‘Транзакции’ has been renamed to ‘История баланса’.
    • ‘Подписки’ has been renamed to ‘Услуги’.

    • 'Триал' has been renamed to 'Пробный'
  • A tooltip for 'Account balance notifications' on 'Notification settings' page in Customer Control Panel was implemented. (CCC-95)

  • For service plan that includes only trial and endless plan periods the transition process to the paid period has been changed: ’Renew’ option has been renamed to ‘Go to paid period’ and confirmation page was added. (CCC-94)

  • Now resources panel in the Customer Control Panel is always expanded. ( BBB-4414)

Bugs resolved

  • The сredit limit doesn't work. (BBB-4402)
  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Multiple subscriptions are hanging in 'stopping' status. (BBB-4032)
  • When the subscription is in stopped status user cannot detach application domain. (AAA-493)
  • When a user inputs promo code on order creation, which is not attached to billing discount (e.g. partner code), it doesn't apply on UI. (BBB-4306)