Version 1.74. Release Date 25.05.2016

New features

  • ONLYOFFICE support. Plugin for integration with cloud storage and office suite ONLYOFFICE was implemented. (CCC-83)
  • Lync support. Plugin for integration with communication service from Microsoft was implemented. (BBB-3602)
  • SSL-certificates sales via OpenSRS support. Plugin for integration with OpenSRS for SSL-certificates management was implemented. (AAA-378)
  • Display of statistics about charges for used resources in Customer Control Panel was implemented. Now Customer can view statistics about charges for used resources for particular subscription and for the selected period on "Charges" page of a subscription. (CCC-92)
  • The capability to cancel CSP subscription (Office 365) in Customer Control Panel was implemented. Now Customer can cancel CSP (Office 365) subscription via Customer Control Panel. (BBB-4592)
  • The capability to view Partner’s subscriptions in Operator Control Panel on the separate page was implemented. Now Manager can view subscriptions of Partner’s Customers on a Partner show page. (BBB-4509)

  • The capability to set different Billing day for service plans in Operator (Partner) Control Panel was implemented. Now Manager can set different Billing day (day of charges creation and change, invoices creation, etc.) for service plans in Plan Class settings. (BBB-4460)
  • Charging for CSP subscriptions (Office 365) according to the Microsoft billing rules was implemented. Now charging for CSP subscriptions (Office 365) works according to the Microsoft billing rules bound to corresponding Billing day. (BBB-4458)
  • Notification about Office 365 activation was added. Now Customer receives notification about Office 365 activation with login and password. (BBB-4418)
  • The capability to create service domain name for CSP subscription (Office 365) was implemented. Now Customer/Manager can create service domain name for CSP subscription (Office 365) via ActivePlatform. (BBB-4391)


  • If an account does not have any payment then the corresponding message on "Payments" page in Customer Control Panel is displayed. (BBB-4499)
  • "Additional resources of subscription" page in Customer Control Panel was improved. (BBB-4457)
  • Infobox about date and amount of next charge for subscription on CSP (Office 365) subscription page was added. (BBB-4593)
  • Infobox about creation and usage rules of service domain name for CSP (Office 365) subscription in Customer Control Panel was added. (BBB-4590)
  • The functionality of user activation/deactivation was improved. Now an Owner/Administrator of an account activates/deactivates a user only in a corresponding account. Global status of this user is not changed. (BBB-4207)

Bugs resolved

  • Credentials for access to Windows-hosting Control panel are absent in Customer's notification. (AAA-589)
  • Search in Operator Control Panel leads to 500 error. (AAA-576)
  • A field for promo code is not displayed when a Customer buys an application. (AAA-580)
  • When a manager resubmits an order for domain registration it hangs in "Provisioning" status. (AAA-537)
  • Manager with "Sales person" role is not being able to downgrade a resource. (BBB-4421)
  • Password confirmation for Windows Azure Pack does not work. (BBB-4428)
  • When a Customer orders SSL-certificate it is shown as "Domain registration" in Customer Control Panel. (BBB-4562)
  • When a Customer tries to renew SSL-certificate they get an error. (BBB-4596)
  • Incorrect localisation of charges description in Customer notifications. (AAA-552)