Version 1.75. Release Date 08.06.2016

New features

  • Veeam support. Plugin for integration with the program product for virtual machines backup and virtual environments monitoring was implemented. (CCC-124)

  • The capability of Customer authentication using credentials from the external identity server via OAuth 2.0 protocol. Now Customer can be authenticated in Customer Control Panel using credentials from the external identity server via OAuth 2.0 protocol. (BBB-3992)

  • The capability to use personal mail server for each Partner. Now Partner's Manager can set up personal mail server on ‘System Settings page’ in Operator (Partner) Control Panel. (BBB-4504)
  • Partners’ closed charges report generation.  Now Operator's Manager can generate Partners’ closed charges report for selected period in .xls format on ‘Reports’ pageThe report will be sent by email to the Manager, who generated this one, as a .zip archive. (BBB-4507)
  • CSP subscriptions free period. When the first CSP subscription is ordered by an account, a free period for CSP subscriptions is available for this account until the first Billing day. During this period the account can use CSP subscriptions for free. After the first Billing day, account’s CSP subscriptions will be paid monthly. (BBB-4589)
  • The capability of Manager authentication using credentials from the external LDAP-server. Now Manager can be authenticated in Operator (Partner) Control Panel using credentials from the external LDAP server (OpenLDAP or Microsoft AD). (CCC-163)
  • 'first_subscription' placeholder to email template was added. Now Manager can use 'first_subscription' placeholder in email template for CSP subscription to determine whether CSP subscription is the first. If CSP subscription is the first, necessary data can be sent to a Customer, i.e. login and password to Office 365 Portal.(BBB-4618)


  • [MS Exchange Plugin] Hint about a maximum value that can be entered in the 'Quota' field was added. (BBB-4526)

  • 'Cancel subscription' button for CSP subscriptions was moved to the bottom of the page in Customer Control Panel, its colour was changed. (BBB-4659)

Bugs resolved

  • When a Customer tries to order SSL-certificate via shopping cart, theу get 500 error. (BBB-4546)

  • Lync subscription fails while stopping. (CCC-192)

  • 'Applications' tab of ONLYOFFICE application template in Operator (Partner) Control Panel is not opened. (CCC-187)

  • 'Applications' tab of Veeam application template in Operator (Partner) Control Panel is not opened. (CCC-186)

  • 'Applications' tab of Azure Pack application template in Operator (Partner) Control Panel is not opened. (CCC-185)

  • An error 500 appears on the ‘Entry Points’ page of Lync. (CCC-179)

  • SSO to Azure Pack does not work. (CCC-178)

  • Period of the resource in the order is not equal to a period of the subscription. (AAA-640)

  • Approval of the manual operation for ‘Domain re-registration’ subscription leads to error 422. (AAA-635)

  • There is no word wrap of CSR value in the CSR text area in Customer Control Panel. (AAA-633)

  • 'Server' and 'Login' data values are 'not_set' in the 'Subscription changed' email notifications for Windows hosting. (AAA-617)