Version 1.81. Release Date 05.09.2016

New features

  • Implemented a new model of counting the Charges:
    • The statistics of resources usage is separated from the Charges. The Statistics (a new entity) was created to storage the resources statistic (per day / month / period).
    • The following entities are counted up to 2 decimal places: Charges, Transactions, Account Balance.
    • The following entities are counted up to 5 decimal places: Debits, Statistics.
    • The data fetch is changed for the Statistics page in CCP. Now the fetch is executed from the Statistics entity. (AAA-920)
  • Implemented a new manual method of the Receipt creation. The "Bank Transfer - manual invoicing" method was developed. This payment method allows an Operator or Reseller to create bills for the Customers without using AP.
    If a Customer selects this payment method, the Main algorithm has the following steps:
    • The Customer gets all necessary payment instruction, the Manager receives the message with the customer data for manual preparing of the Receipt, the Payment gets the "Receipt creating" status.
    • After the receipt preparation in the external system, the Manager sends the Receipt to the Customer and changes the payment status to "Receipt sent" in OCP.
    • After receiving funds the Manager confirms of payment in OCP. This action completes the payment. (EEE-239)
  • The block with Microsoft Agreement and the link to the last version of this document were added in CCP for Microsoft Office365 service. The text of the agreement and the link are displayed on “Information” section of Microsoft Office365 subscription. (EEE-126)
  • The new step was added in the order process of the fist CSP-subscription in CCP to confirm the Microsoft license agreement. On this step the text of agreement and the link to last version of the agreement are displayed. The Customer can go to the next step only after confirmation of the Microsoft license agreement. (EEE-125)
  • The «Tenant Name» and «TenantID» fields were added to the General tab of the Account’s page in OCP. The «Tenant Name» field displays the Microsoft Tenant Name (domain name) of the customer. The «TenantID» field displays the Microsoft Tenant ID (GUID) of the customer. These fields display information if the Customer ordered the first Microsoft CSP subscription. (EEE-124)
  • The «Tenant Name» and «TenantID» fields were added to the “Information” page for the Microsoft Office365 in CCP. The «Tenant Name» field displays the Microsoft Tenant Name (domain name) of the customer. The «TenantID» field displays the Microsoft Tenant ID (GUID) of the customer. These fields display information if the Customer has Microsoft CSP subscriptions. (EEE-123)
  • Now the step for the Microsoft Tenant ID choosing is not displayed to a Customer, who buys a new Microsoft CSP-subscription, if the Customer has the Microsoft Tenant ID in AP. (EEE-120)
  • The change of resources is approved using a single button instead of using individual buttons for each of the resource:
    • In the CCP on the “Resources” grid of the subscription page, when a Customer changes a number of resources;
    • In the OCP on the “Resources” tab of the subscription page, when a Manager changes a number of resources. (EEE-100)
  • The “Upgrade order” and “Downgrade order” were consolidated into the “Change order”. (EEE-100)
  • Added support for creating Invoices on the Billing day which is set in the Plan class. The date of an Invoice creation is set in the “Billing day” field in the Plan class of related services. This field takes a value from 1 to 31 that specifies the day of the month. If the month does not have the specified number, the Invoice is created on the last day of that month. (EEE-57)
  • The possibility of sending of notifications at the required time was implemented. In the Event Handler the Manager can specify the hour of the day, which is used to put the tasks (for notification sending) into the Send Queue,. Added the process, that runs every hour, analyses the existing tasks for sending notification and adds the appropriate tasks to the send queue. Two columns the "Adding time to the Queue for sending" and "Status of sending" (successful / unsuccessful) were added to the Notification Log. (AAA-777)
  • Now the Accounts with the “Deleted” status are hidden by default on the “Subscriptions” page in OCP. The deleted Accounts are displayed only if the “Deleted” checkbox is selected in the “Status” list on the Toolbar of the “Subscriptions” page. The colour of the “Deleted” status was changed from red to grey. (BBB-5054)
  • Added support for returning the previous status of the virtual machines if previously stopped CloudServer subscription is started. The «Running» status of the virtual machines is saved if the CloudServer subscription is stopped. If previously stopped CloudServer subscription is started, the «Running» status of the virtual machines is returned. Other virtual machines will have the same status, which they have before the account stopping in CloudServer. (AAA-778)


  • After clicking “X” button on the pop-up window, which reminds about unread message in CCP, the top-up window was closed and will not be displayed on the future. (EEE-394)
  • The "Mark all as read" button was added to the "Notification History" page in CCP. You can use this button to mark all notification messages as read. (EEE-395)
  • [FusionManager Plugin] The VLan field was added in the plugin settings for the FusionManager. The VLAN ID is used to create an internal virtual network. (DDD-185)
  • [Модуль Microsoft Exchange] Added validation of the minimum value (equal to 1,024 MB) that can be entered in the mailbox settings. (CCC-478)
  • Added the «exclude» method for creating the event handler’s queries. The exclude method allows exclude the certain entities (using an id, key, name) from the array of entities. For example, you can use the following expression, to exclude sending of notification about creation of the subscription order, which is based on plan id = 2000000: order.plans_ids exclude? 2000000. (AAA-912)
  • [Модуль Microsoft Azure] The Microsoft Azure settings were moved to the «Plugin Settings» of the Application Template. (EEE-405)
  • Now the "account.balance" placeholder displays the state of the account balance excluding the blocked funds. (AAA-903)

Bugs resolved

  • The API returns a text/html instead of a text/xml if the 500 error was raised. (DDD-186)
  • The Discount for the Customer was changed. (AAA-931)
  • The Microsoft Office365 provisioning doesn't work via API. (EEE-305)
  • Creating a new Microsoft Office365 order doesn’t work via API. (EEE-237)
  • The Entrypoint for the Shared Hosting ISPmanager subscription is unavailable in CCP. (AAA-928)
  • Transactions are generated for the CloudServer SLA premium subscription that was deactivated. (AAA-813)
  • The Manager, who created a Payment, isn’t displayed on the Payment page. (AAA-1032)
  • The sorting doesn’t work correctly on Transactions page in CCP. (AAA-998)
  • Invalid credentials for Open-Xchange "OX" mailbox when the subscription has just been created. (AAA-588)
  • The sum is incorrect on the “Charges” page in CCP. (AAA-1078)
  • The Placeholder for the description of the event rules doesn't work for trial subscriptions. (AAA-802)
  • The SSL-certificate GeoTrust RapidSSL aren’t displayed correctly in OCP. ( AAA-751)
  • Incorrect work of transactions for the CloudServer 2.0 subscription with SLA (AAA-1112)