Version 1.106.6 Release Date 22.12.2017

New features

  • Implemented new functionality of managing the distribution of promo codes in OCP. The promo codes are issued by a Promo Vendor - an IT services provider offering its customers promo codes for discounts. A promo code is offered to a customer after a paid Subscription to a Plan with linked promo codes was ordered. Promo codes are managed by the Promo Vendors plugin in OCP. The plugin includes the following functions:
    • Creating a Promo Vendor;
    • Importing a file with the promo codes list;
    • Viewing information about imported promo codes;
    • Linking the list of promo codes to the Plans.
  • A new Event Handler "External Promo Code Added" was added to send promo codes in the Notifications in CCP, via SMS or email. (BBB-9193)

Bugs resolved

  • Fixed an issue with the display of the General and Plans tabs of the Resource page in Operator Control Panel. (EEE-1324)
  • Fixed an issue with Subscription autorenewal. (MMM-1186)
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect status of the file with prices when it is uploaded via the CSP Price update plugin in OCP. (EEE-1456)
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect display of the validation message when the language settings were changed in Operator Control Panel. (BBB-9301)
  • Fixed an issue with CPU resource count that is based on the received charging data record (CDR) for FusionManager service. (DDD-342)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying of the SLA Premium resource in the statistic of the CloudServer 3.0 Subscription in the CCP. (AAA-2560)
  • Fixed an issue with user detaching from the Account in Operator Control Panel. (BBB-9287)
  • Fixed an issue with uploading of an XLSX file with prices in the CSP Price Update plugin when the necessary information is missing from the file. (BBB-7783)
  • Fixed an issue with miscalculation of payment amount due to the incorrect convertion of one data type in another. (EEE-1499)
  • Fixed an issue with the CSP prices file processing in the CSP price update plugin in Operator Control Panel. (EEE-1254)
  • Fixed an issue with the unnecessary updating of the Activation code for the Kaspersky subscription after switching a Plan to the one of another Kaspersky product. (MMM-1201)