Version 2.3. Release date 29 August 2018

New features and enhancements:

Price lists implemented

Price list is a tool that allows Distributors and Resellers to:

  • manage price formation,
  • set automatic markup rates for groups of Plans or for each Plan in particular,
  • manage markup rate for existing Plans, and set default value for automatic markup rates for the Plans in different Products categories,
  • disable automatic markup rate for a group of Plans on the Price list page, or during the manual Plan price management,
  • view the margin of each Plan.

Distributor can update prices of a delegated Plan automatically throughout the whole distribution line. Plan price is recalculated automatically taking into account markup rates of all Resellers in the line. Now, the Reseller charges are generated accounting for the "Fixed price" option in the Plan. If Plan net cost is changed, the Resellers receive notification with the list of updated Plans (see Price ListCreating an Event Handler in the Operator Control Panel guide). (APP-109, APP-162)

Postpay charging model extended

The first stage of Postpay model enhancement is completed. The following tasks have been accomplished:

  • implemented Subscription provisioning that doesn't require Payment completion,
  • re-worked the logic of Charges generation within the Postpay charging model for the Reservation billing type,
  • made "Pay as you go" (internal and external), "CSP annual", and "CSP monthly" billing types compatible with the Postpay charging model,
  • added new Payment type that includes Charges for previous Billing period,
  • added new Payment status - "Expired" that is used only for Postpay,
  • improved the mechanism of Payments generation for Postpay - now Payments are generated along with the Invoices for the corresponding Billing period. 

Account class is improved:

  • "Pay with negative balance" option is enabled by default, and cannot be disabled for an Account class with the Postpay charging model,
  • Manager can select the period, after which a Payment receives the "Expired" status,
  • Manager can select the default Account class for self-registered Accounts. (APP-167)

Implemented mechanism of Subscription renewal with individual prices

For a Subscription purchased at the individual prices, Manager can select a billing option for Subscription automatic renewal. For the delegated Plans, the net cost and margin are also displayed with Reseller discount included (see Ordering a Subscription at the individual prices in the Operator Control Panel guide). (APP-174)

New information block showing the VAT rate

Added a possibility to display an information block in Customer Control Panel notifying that price includes VAT. The block is displayed for the accounts of an Account Type that is selected in Operator Control Panel. (APP-196)

New information block showing the Subscription activation fee

A notification with the subscription activation fee is displayed in Customer Control Panel. If account balance is insufficient, the notification includes the required amount of balance top up (see Viewing the List of Subscriptions in the Customer Control Panel guide). (APP-182)

New integration: Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager

Completed ActivePlatform integration with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager is a cloud service that provides infrastructure for VMware vSphere virtual machines backup and disaster recovery. Only customer with an active Subscription to VMware vCloud Director can order Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. The following operations with Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Subscriptions are available:

  • purchase,
  • renewal,
  • changing the Resource number,
  • activating and stopping,
  • deletion.

See "Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager" service in Services. User documentation. (APP-180)

Plans and Product management enhanced

The following changes have been made:

  • Pop-up hints were added for the wizards for new Plan and new Product creation,
  • All fields to collect Product marketing information are grouped in one tab,
  • After new Product is created, a Plans tab is opened to add Plans for the Product,
  • When adding switchable Plans, the list of available Plans can be filtered by Product and Product category (see Creating a Product and Creating a Plan in the Operator Control Panel guide). (APP-175)

Account Charges report extended

Now the report includes information on the ID, creation and close dates of Charges, start and end dates of Charges periods (Charges Report in the Operator Control Panel guide). (APP-177)

Subscriptions information includes the date of last update

Subscriptions page includes the date of last Subscription update, and the corresponding filter is available for the list of Subscription. For example, with this functionality Manager can filter the list of Subscriptions to find the Subscription stopped on the last billing day. (APP-190)

Placeholders for Subscription names

The Subscription name and the Entry Point name in Customer Control Panel can be modified with placeholders for Subscription attributes values. For example, in Operator Control Panel and in Customer Control Panel the GSuite Subscriptions can be found by domain name (see Creating a Product and Entry points configuration in the Operator Control Panel guide). (APP-176)

New notifications

Now the customers can be notified when: 

New public portal of integrated services: Marketplace

Vendor Portal in enhanced by Marketplace, a public portal that exhibits the Product and Services portfolio of ActivePlatform. Marketplace:

  • provides information about collaboration opportunities with ActivePlatform,
  • enables Vendors to present their Products to prospective Resellers and by that simplify creation of Distribution networks,
  • facilitates Resellers and Distributors in broadening the range of Products in their portfolio, in speeding up integration of new Services, and in receiving up-to-date information on Vendors and Products. (APP-170)

The Kaspersky microservice is improved to enable the antivirus reselling

Now the microservice can work with partner API, for antivirus reselling, and with Kaspersky Lab API, for direct purchases. (APP-192, APP-168)

Bugs resolved

The following bugs are fixed:

AB-8481, AB-9725, AB-11160, AB-11594, AB-11744, AB-11858, AB-11907, AB-11918, AB-11926, AB-11955, AB-12094, AB-12105, AB-12130, AB-12155, AB-12175, AB-12396, AB-12539, AB-12542, AB-12623, AB-12624, AB-13378, AB-13623, AB-13687, AB-13787, AB-13832, AB-13891, AB-13893, AB-15374, AB-15383, AB-17601, AB-17606, AB-17638, AB-17652, AB-17664, AB-17668, AB-17702, AB-17721, AB-17794, AB-17829, AB-17830, AB-17930, AB-17938, AB-17955, AB-18052, AB-18089, AB-18192, AB-18388, AB-18398