Version 3.6. Release date 24 October 2019

New features and enhancements:

Improved user experience in the Customer Control Panel

To make ordering and managing subscriptions by customers more friendly and the billing logic more clear, in the Customer Control Panel, numerous improvements have been implemented, among them:

  • For users with the Admin and Owner access levels, the Subscriptions page is set as the default page. The Services page is removed and Entry points are now displayed on the Subscriptions page. Subscriptions with the Ordered status are now displayed in the subscriptions list with information about the payment but without the link to the subscription details page. For users with the User access level, the Services page is displayed and the Subscriptions page is removed. The design of the Customer Control Panel pages has been revamped. In the Billing section, the Payments page is set as the default page. (CR-749)
  • On the Subscriptions page, for prepaid subscriptions, the adaptive approach has been implemented to display information about costs, upcoming charges, the expiration date depending on the status and billing type of a subscription, and the days left to the subscription expiration. (CR-641)
  • On the new subscription configuration pages, only the most significant information is now displayed, and the pages have been received a more unified structure. Displaying the included amount of resources has been improved. Information messages with a description of the billing type logic of the selected subscription have been added. (CR-644, CR-828)
  • On the order confirmation page, displaying the payment information has been improved, the paid period information has been added. The same template for the payment information is now used on the order and payment details pages. (CR-748)

Added reseller discounts applied to selected subscriptions

A discount of the Reseller type can now be applied to a certain reseller and subscription or to an account and plan. 

The same discount can be applied to several resellers, accounts, and plans. Information about a discount is available on the order and reseller charges details pages. (CR-768)

Added support of the Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy agreements

To comply with regulations and laws, operators can now enable mandatory acceptance by customers of the following agreements:

  • The Privacy Policy agreement — for new users, on the registration page.
  • The Terms and Conditions agreement — for new subscription orders, on the order confirmation page. (CR-707, CR-710)

Implemented automatic names synchronization for plans and plan resources

For reducing the number of manual renaming operations, names of plans and plan resources are now synchronized automatically among all the delegated plans when vendors in Vendor Portal or distributors in the Operator Control Panel respectively update their plans. At the same time, the downstream resellers cannot change the names of the delegated plan and plan resources.

While installing this version, initial synchronization of existed names of delegated plans and plan resources has been performed by a script. (CR-575)

Implemented new resource consumption storage for the Microsoft Azure service

The Microsoft Azure service has been migrated to the new resource consumption data storage. The new data storage is faster and optimized for a large number of records. It stores hourly statistics received from Microsoft and converts the data to the daily statistics to display it on the Analytics page and the following redesigned pages:

  • The Statistic page in the Customer Control Panel.

  • The Consumed Resources page in the Operator Control Panel.

The data export function now uses daily groping for records as well as excludes the reseller private data from the report in the Customer Control Panel. (CR-664)

Added support of ordering subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure RI service 

In the Operator Control Panel, managers can now order subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure RI service. Using the new Microsoft CSP Products Plugin, they can create an application template and fetch the list of the Microsoft Azure RI resources (SKUs) from Microsoft Partner Center. While configuring a new subscription to the Microsoft Azure RI service, the manager should select the existing Microsoft Azure subscription that requires the ordering reservation. In the Customer Control Panel, on the Microsoft Azure subscription page, the new section has been added with information about the reservation available for this subscription. (CR-625)

Improved billing logic for the Microsoft Azure service related to the third-party marketplaces statistics

The platform now ignores consumption statistics for resources that absent in the Microsoft price list. Previously, in such cases, the platform stored resources without names but with zero costs. (CR-786)

Improved user experience in the platform

The Operator Control Panel now supports exporting of more than 25,000 records in the Microsoft Azure resource consumption report. (CR-711)

The new format of the Microsoft CSP price list is now supported. (CR-718)

 The availability of the platform has been improved for India and Latin America countries. (CR-750)

The platform can now generate invoices, assign them numbers in the required format, and send the payment information to an external ERP system (for example, 1C). The credentials to access an ERP system are stored in the payment method settings. Only the CheckCash plugin is supported for now. The ERP system can confirm that the funds were received by completing the payment in the platform via API. (CR-617)

In the Customer Control Panel, for the Kaspersky service, an information message has been added. The message displays the number of available workstations and mobile devices as well as the instructions on how to change the plan resources behind the plan limits. (CR-779)

In the Customer Control Panel, for the VMware service, the API token is now used rather than the user name and password authentication. Also, new configuration parameters and plan resources have been added. (CR-787, CR-788, CR-789)

In the Customer Control Panel, updating the order page while changing the amount of resources has been improved. (CR-790)

In the Customer Control Panel, for subscriptions based on the Vendor Service Plugin (VSP), visualization of the additional parameters have been improved. At the same time, these parameters are no longer displayed on the subscription details page in the Operator Control Panel. (CR-826, CR-829)

In the Operator Control Panel, in the systems settings, it is now possible to deny changing the order number. By default, changing the order number is allowed. (CR-802)

Added product service terms in Vendor Portal

Vendors can now arrange their products with rules (Product Service Terms) like distributors do that with plan classes in the platform. At the same time, for more clarity, "plans classes" in the platform have been renamed to "service terms". Vendors can create new service terms or use the existing service terms from the platform.

To identify certain service terms among delegated entities, the unique attribute "key" is used. For new service terms, the unique key should be provided by a user. For all existed service terms, the unique key values have been generated and applied by a script while installing this version. (CR-574)

Added Prometheus-based event monitoring

The platform now uses the Prometheus monitoring system to check billing dates of Microsoft Azure subscriptions. (CR-810)

Extended API

Methods for managing payments now include information about the reseller in their responses. (CR-617)

Methods for getting information about charges now include information about the applied discount. (CR-768)

For the Complete the Payment method, the error message has been improved in cases when the account balance is not sufficient for payment completing. (CR-827) 

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-22009, AB-22067, AB-22115, AB-22119, AB-22121, AB-22197, AB-22243, AB-22333, AB-22478, AB-22488.