Version 4.0. Release date 27 February 2020

New features and enhancements:

Added multicurrency support

It is now possible to specify plan prices in the vendor currency that allows resellers to have contracts with vendors in different currencies and automate the price updating process to meet the currency rate fluctuations.

Different currencies can now be set for plans on the level of a reseller in ActivePlatform and on the level of a service plan in Vendor Portal. Reseller's and end-customers' charges are now calculated taking into account the currency rates. The general currency rates are set on the root reseller level and can be redefined by downstream resellers on their levels.

In Customer Store, all prices are displayed in the plan currencies. For subscription orders, on the subscription configuration steps, all fees are displayed in the plan currency. On the confirmation step, the fees are displayed in the reseller currency. Charges and invoices for customers are still generated in the reseller currency. (CR-870, CR-871, CR-872, CR-873, CR-874, CR-903)

Added responsible product managers

On the product level, a reseller can now specify responsible managers with the specified roles.

A reseller can assign responsible managers to a customer:

  • While ordering a subscription via the Operator Control Panel.

  • On the account details page — per product.

The assigned managers can receive various dedicated notifications. (CR-833)

Improved subscription renewal settings

The renewal parameters are now set on the service term level and can be redefined on the subscription level. The names and positions on a page of the renewal parameters have been unified.

With scripts, the existing subscriptions have got the initial values of the manual renew points equal to the values in the corresponding service terms.

For subscriptions to the Microsoft Office 365 service, the automatic daily synchronization of the auto-renewing option has been improved. If a subscription is not auto-renewed on the Microsoft Partner Center side, the platform turns off generating renewal orders and hides the renew button in the Customer Control Panel using the renewal settings on the subscription level. (CR-906)

Implemented synchronization of the "Public" attribute of plan resources

The "Public" attribute of plan resources is now synchronized in all delegated plans of downstream resellers including plan resources (addons) based on the Office365 plugin. (CR-719)

Implemented managing the account country settings

To comply with the Microsoft CSP program policy, resellers can now manage the country of their accounts to sell CSP products to customers within the authorized territory only as follows: using the system settings, a reseller can now forbid changing the country for the existing accounts of the reseller, as well as set the default read-only country for new accounts. (CR-900)

Implemented delayed renewing for Microsoft Office 365 annual subscriptions

Both in the Operator Control Panel and Customer Control Panel, it is now possible to create an order for renewing a subscription to the Microsoft Office 365 service with annual payments before the subscription expiration date with changing the amount of the subscription resources and the linked payment that can be completed in advance. The order provisioning, as well as sending any information to Microsoft Partner Center, is postponed to the subscription expiration date. The delayed order can be cancelled by an operator or customer. In this case, if the order is already completed, the customer gets a refund on the account balance. (CR-751)

Extended support of Microsoft Customer Agreement

For subscriptions to services based on the Office365 plugin, the acceptance of MCA is now mandatory for renewing a subscription and changing the amount of the resources:

  • Renewing a subscription and changing the amount of the resources are not available in the Customer Control Panel until the customer accepts the agreement. The subscription page includes the message with the explanation to the blocking reason and the link to accept the agreement.
  • In the Operator Control Panel, the similar operations of renewing a subscription and changing the amount of the resources now require that the operator confirm the acceptance of the agreement by a customer. (CR-815, CR-822)

Added initial support of the Microsoft Azure Plan service

Both managers and customers can now order subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure Plan service. Microsoft CSP Products Plugin is used for fetching the list of available resources (SKUs) from Microsoft Partner Center and integration with the service. Billing of the service will be implemented in the next versions of the platform. (CR-759)

Added support of indirect selling for new Microsoft products

The Microsoft Azure RI, Microsoft Software Subscriptions, and Microsoft Azure Plan (limited by initial support in CR-759) services based on the Microsoft CSP Products Plugin can now be sold via partners of a distributor. (CR-953)

Improved support of the vCloud Director service

For trial subscriptions to the vCloud Director service, the created VDCs now have the names with the "DEMO_ " prefix which is dropped when a trial subscription is renewed with a commercial plan period. (CR-791, CR-800)

Improved user experience in the platform

Improved user experience in the Operator Control Panel:

  • On the page with the list of resources of the Microsoft Office 365 service:
    • The "SKU (Offer ID)" column has been added. 
    • Search and filtering have been added. (CR-540)
  • On the product details page, the position of the "Public" attribute has been changed. (CR-532)
  • The field to specify the display priority of a product card in the Storefront catalog has been renamed. (CR-756)

Improved user experience in the Customer Control Panel:

  • On the account details page, information about the manager email has been added. (CR-916)
  • The "Credit limit" attribute of postpaid subscriptions has been renamed to the "Blocking threshold". A tooltip has been added to the attribute. (CR-956)
  • For subscriptions to inactive and deactivated by a provider plans, information about the renew cost is not displayed. (CR-855)
  • On the page with the list of subscriptions, information about the total amount of monthly payments for all active prepaid subscriptions of the account that are billed on a monthly basis has been added. (CR-885)
  • On the page with the list of subscriptions, in the block of a prepaid subscription, information about the operation for a payment has been added. On the subscription details page, information about pending orders and payments has been added. (CR-904)
  • For subscriptions to the Azure service, in the "Statistic" section, in the tag list, the full-text search has been added. The tag list is now sorted in alphabetical order. (CR-876)
  • If in the general system setting the catalog URL is specified, clicking the "Buy subscription" in the Customer Control Panel now opens the catalog page in the new tab. (CR-875)

General improvements:

  • An order can now be edited. In the Operator Control Panel, it is possible to edit an unpaid order within the "Prepay" model and a delayed renewal order. In the Customer Control Panel, it is possible to edit an unpaid payment including a payment for a delayed renewal order. In this case, the order and the corresponding payment are cancelled and a user is redirected to the page of creating a new order of the same type of creating a new payment with the new parameters. (CR-751, CR-904, CR-941)
  • The names of migrated subscriptions to the G Suite service now include the domain name. (CR-602)
  • A new currency is now supported — Kazakh tenge. (CR-909)
  • Notifications on closing documents are now sent only for new documents that were not included in previous notifications. (CR-919)
  • The "Payment due date is coming" event handler and the notification template have been improved. An email notification is now sent to a customer on the specified day before the end of the payment expiration period with a PDF invoice attached. The PDF invoice is generated for a payment linked to a postpaid invoice in the platform. The PDF invoice is generated for customers who have the default payment method based on the CheckCash plugin only. (CR-911)

Extended API

The response models of the following API v1 and v3 methods for getting the list of plans and information about a plan have been extended with information about the plan currency:

  • Get a List of Plans
  • Get Plan Info by ID
  • Get a List of Plans for Marketplace
  • Get a List of the Reseller's Plans
  • Get the Reseller's Plan information by ID
  • Get a List of all downstream Resellers Plans
  • Get the downstream Reseller's Plan information by ID (CR-873)

The response models of the following API v1 and v3 methods for getting the list of charges and information about a charge have been extended with information about the charge amount in the plan currency, the plan currency, the currency rate, and the currency units used for calculation a charge:

  • Get a List of Charges
  • Get Charge Info by ID
  • Get a List of the Reseller end-customers Charges
  • Get the Reseller's end-customer Charge information by ID
  • Get a List of all downstream Resellers end-customers Charges
  • Get the downstream Reseller's end-customer Charge information by ID
  • Get a List of the Reseller's Charges
  • Get the Reseller's Charge information by ID
  • Get a List of Reseller Charges of all downstream Resellers
  • Get the downstream Reseller's Charge information by ID (CR-873, CR-874)

The body of the API method for triggering an event for sending a notification on closing documents "Send notifications on Closing document" has been extended with the list of account IDs to specify the target accounts to send the notification. (CR-919)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-19383, AB-21332, AB-22929, AB-22974, AB-23207, AB-23217, AB-23218, AB-23267, AB-23310, AB-23315, AB-23339, AB-23354, AB-23377, AB-23434, AB-23491, AB-23640, AB-23719, AB-23762, AB-23828, AB-23832.

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