Version 4.1. Release date 23 April 2020

New features and enhancements:

Implemented management of the Postpay model availability to customers

By means of permissions to use the Postpay model, resellers can now allow or deny a customer to order commercial postpaid subscriptions. If a reseller selects the manual verification mode in the system setting, a customer, who has never been verified, can order only the first postpaid subscription to a commercial period. The order will be created and processed in the platform only after approval of manual operation by the manager. And until then, the customer cannot order postpaid subscriptions to a commercial period including renewing or switching a plan for an existing subscription to a commercial period. (CR-969)

Implemented external management of postpaid invoices

It is now possible to manage postpaid invoices via a third-party ERP system. In this case, the platform still generates a postpaid invoice and the linked payment but the payment does not have the due date. The ERP system approves the postpaid invoice and attaches to the payment a PDF file of the receipt. Only after that, the due date is set and the payment can be paid. After the customer paid for the invoice, the ERP system approves the payment in the platform. (CR-922)

Extended support of Microsoft services

Support of customer account review by Microsoft has been added. For orders of subscriptions to the Microsoft Office 365 service for new customers, both in the Operator Control Panel and Customer Control Panel, a message is displayed about the customer account review procedure performed by Microsoft that may delay the subscription activation for a few days. The platform can now process the "account customer review" responses from the Microsoft side and does not move the orders and subscriptions to an error status in this case. Instead, the platform continues to send the provisioning requests to Microsoft Partner Center twice a day until the service is successfully provisioned. (CR-741)

It is now possible to order subscriptions to the Microsoft Software Subscriptions service for the endless period regardless of the period of the included resources. (CR-1016)

Improved support of the VMware service

New naming patterns have been implemented for entities created on the vCloud Director side as well as the support of the metadata for VDCs, IP address of the default gateway, and the HTML5 version of vCloud Director. (CR-1038)

Improved the Microsoft Office 365 migration wizard

For migrated subscriptions to the Microsoft Office 365 service, the "Use the highest prices" renew option is now set by default. The individual price for a resource is set from the migration file or the plan — if the migration file does not include the resource price. (CR-579)

For migrated subscriptions to the Microsoft Office 365 service, all comments and corrections are now created on behalf of the system user. (CR-533)

Improved the G Suite migration wizard

Migration of subscriptions to the G Suite service, when a customer blocked access for a reseller to the G Suite admin console, is now possible. On the "Information" page of a migrated subscription, for attributes that cannot be retrieved without access, the "<not available>" value is set. (CR-899)

For subscriptions to the G Suite service, in the migration wizard, it is now possible to select a plan period. (AB-24101)

For subscriptions to the G Suite service, in the migration wizard, the Cloud Identity Free Edition resource, that cannot be migrated, is now skipped and does not block the migration process. (CR-1002)

Unsupported on the G Suite side double quotation marks in customer's information are now replaced with single quotation marks. (CR-998)

Improved user experience in the platform

Improved user experience in the Operator Control Panel:

  • In the "Price list" section, a new column and the corresponding filter have been added with information about the billing type of a plan. By default, the items are not displayed. (CR-557)
  • In the "Account Terms" section, new columns and the corresponding filters have been added with parameters of payment models. By default, some of the items are not displayed. (CR-680)
  • When copying a plan, for a copy of the plan, it is now possible to set the retail price and net cost equal to zero, as well as apply the default auto markup value. (CR-908)

  • On the Office 365 Settings page, the permissions management button has been moved to the Toolbar. (CR-1040)

Improved user experience in the Customer Control Panel:

  • The navigation menu has been improved. All sections now use the unified horizontal navigation menu bar. General information about a subscription is now displayed on all related pages. (CR-845)

  • When a customer pays for an order (or completes a payment) with funds of the account balance and the balance does not have the sufficient funds (taking into account the financial blocking threshold), the platform now prefills the amount of a top-up payment with the amount of the order or payment and does not take into account the financial blocking threshold. (CR-577)
  • In the list of subscriptions, tooltips have been added with information about the referred page:
    • For entry points — service control panel or the Information section.
    • For the ID and subscription name links — the subscription configuration page. (CR-785)
  • If a customer creates a new account for ordering a subscription, after the order confirmation, the customer now switches to the created account. (CR-907)
  • The "Current debt" attribute of postpaid subscriptions has been renamed to the "Consumed". A tooltip has been added to the attribute. (CR-1003)

General improvements:

  • Resellers can now manage the display order of subscription resources using the "Priority" attribute of a plan resource. In the Operator Control Panel, Customer Control Panel, and Customer Store, resources are now sorted by the plan resource priority and, for resources with the same priority, by the name. For the existing plans of the Microsoft Office 365 services, the initial values have been set by a script: the license resources have now the highest priority. (CR-866)
  • The "Billing day is coming" event now supports prepaid subscriptions. New placeholders have been added for the event handler and notification template to filter subscriptions by the payment model. (AB-23356)

Extended API

In the cases when the list of accounts is empty or has the incorrect format, the Send notifications on Closing documents method responds now with the error description and 422 status. Notifications will not be sent. (AB-24040)

Two new methods have been added to support external management of postpaid invoices. (CR-922)

The existing methods for getting information about charges have been extended with the start date of the related billing period. (CR-922)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-23377 (SAP-7933), AB-23822 (SAP-8460), AB-23977 (SAP-8728), AB-23978 (SAP-8669), AB-24057 (SAP-8802), AB-24073 (SAP-8823), AB-24076 (SAP-8796), AB-24123, AB-24124, AB-24174 (SAP-8994), AB-24185 (SAP-8994), AB-24331, AB-24335, AB-24372, AB-24376, AB-24425, AB-24427, AB-24461, AB-24582.

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