Version 4.2. Release date 28 May 2020

New features and enhancements:

Implemented prolongation of the Microsoft CSP subscriptions to the next billing period

For prepaid subscriptions with the "CSP monthly" billing type, automatic creating of prolong orders and linked payments has been implemented. Prolongation allows customers to extend a subscription to the next billing period by paying for the prolong order in the current billing period so that on the billing day, the prolonged subscription continues working regardless of the account balance. On the billing day, the platform attempts to pay from the account balance for unpaid prolong orders automatically. Prolongation is not available for stopped subscriptions and subscriptions with the endless period. (CR-753)

Implemented displaying the exchange rates for currencies in the Customer Control Panel

Next to the account balance, for the currencies selected by a reseller in the Operator Control Panel, the exchange rates against the reseller currency are now displayed. (CR-1057)

Implemented the Terms and Conditions acceptance management for new customers

If in the system setting of the platform, mandatory acceptance by customers of the user agreements is activated, for new customers, on the signing in to the Customer Control Panel, acceptance of the following agreements is now required to start working in the platform:

  • The Terms and Conditions agreement — on the account level.
  • The Privacy Policy agreement — on the level of users of an account.

For managers who work in the Customer Control Panel on behalf of their customers, acceptance of the agreements is not prompted.

In the Operator Control Panel, on the pages with information about accounts and users of the customers, it is now possible to select acceptance of the agreements. For all existing accounts and users, acceptance of the agreements has been selected automatically with the script. (CR-1110)

Improved the G Suite migration wizard

The following options for migration of the G Suite subscriptions have been added:

  • Generating charges for the current billing period starting from the migration date. (CR-1005)
  • Setting individual prices for resources. (CR-1060)

Extended support of the Microsoft Azure Plan service

Users' role management has been implemented for stopping, activating, and deleting a subscription to the Microsoft Azure Plan service. The possible delay for the operations on the Microsoft side is now handled correctly. (CR-999, AB-24779)

Improved user experience in the platform

Improved user experience in the Operator Control Panel:

  • The names of invoices issued by a third-party ERP system and uploaded via the API service are now handled correctly. (CR-1091)
  • Displaying the Azure Plan ID and External ID attributes of subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure RI service has been improved. (AB-24673)

Improved user experience in the Customer Control Panel:

  • If creating and importing internal users is not available, the corresponding message and the "Create User" and "Import" buttons are not displayed anymore. (CR-646)
  • For a renew order, the confirmation page UI, as well as the order and payment blocks UI, has been unified with other types of orders. (CR-905)

  • For ordering a subscription to a plan that has only one period and no available resources, the subscription configuration step is now skipped. (CR-965)

  • The "Guaranteed payments" section is now hidden if a customer is not allowed to have guaranteed payments according to the applied account terms. (CR-1008)

  • Displaying hints has been improved. (CR-1067)

General improvements:

  • The new format of errors used in the Microsoft Management API for the Microsoft Azure Plan service is now supported. (AB-24744).
  • The "Postpay payment created" event has been added. Customers can now receive email notifications with a PDF invoice for their postpaid subscriptions right after creating the corresponding payment in the platform. (CR-994)
  • Server error messages are now displayed in English. (CR-970)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-24124, AB-24429, AB-24448, AB-24455, AB-24630, AB-24648, AB-24726.