Version 4.3. Release date 06 August 2020

New features and enhancements:

Implemented access to analytics for all subscriptions in the Customer Control Panel

The "Analytics" page has become available for every subscription and supports both daily and monthly granularity of information. A customer can now check the structure of the resources consumption using various charts, tables, and data filters. A daily granularity is available only for services that use the external storage for the resource consumption data, for example, Microsoft Azure. (CR-665)

The "Subscription Analytics" section has been added to the Customer Control Panel. The new section includes information about all subscriptions of an account with the following numbers:

  • The cost structure for the selected period.
  • The growth rate of costs per month.
  • The contribution of resources for subscription costs.

The "Subscription Analytics" section shares with the "Analytics" page the same set of charts, tables, and data filters. A customer can also go deeper with analyzing costs on a more detailed level: for a single subscription or resource category.

The new section is available from the Navigation Bar for all users of an account with any access level. (CR-670)

Extended support of prolongation of the endless subscriptions to the next billing period

The logic of the "CSP monthly" billing type has been updated in the way that automatic creating of prolong orders has become available for subscriptions to any period for both Prepay and Postpay models.

Prolongation allows customers to extend a prepaid subscription to the next billing period by paying for the prolong order in the current billing period so that on the billing day, the prolonged subscription continues working regardless of the account balance. On the billing day, the platform attempts to pay from the account balance for unpaid prolong orders automatically. For stopped subscriptions, manual prolongation is available with subsequent activation.

For postpaid subscriptions, prolong orders are completed automatically without creating payments.

The logic of creating prolong orders based on the charges in the "Open" status is no longer used. (CR-1013)

Implemented automatic attaching an account to a manager via the Customer Store

Managers can now use a link to any Customer Store page with the manager key in its URL to attach themselves to new accounts of their customers. A customer, who followed a link with the manager key in its URL and ordered a subscription, will have an account automatically attached to that manager. (CR-938)

Added the availability to update individual prices in subscriptions

In the "Price List" section of a subscription, it is now possible to update individual prices of periods and resources. New prices will be applied for new charges only. For subscriptions to the endless period, the entered values are applied directly. For subscriptions to other periods, the final prices depend on the subscription renew parameters. (CR-1041)

Added support of new customer review for the Microsoft CSP Education subscriptions

For orders of the Microsoft CSP Education subscriptions for new customers, the platform can now process the "account customer review" responses from the Microsoft side similar to other Microsoft CSP subscriptions. The platform continues to send the provisioning requests to Microsoft Partner Center twice a day until the service is successfully provisioned. (CR-1119)

Added the names of virtual machines in the Microsoft Azure consumption data

For the Microsoft Azure service, the names of virtual machines are now logged in the resource consumption data storage and have become available in the data filters on the "Consumed Resources" page of the Operator Control Panel, the "Analytics" and "Subscription Analytics" pages of the Customer Control Panel, as well as in the downloaded consumption reports. (CR-598)

Implemented support of the vCloud Director migration

It is now possible to migrate existing accounts and their active subscriptions to the vCloud Director service from the VMware side to ActivePlatform. For migration, the XLSX file with manually prepared data is used in the couple with the migration script for creating the required entities in the platform. (CR-1135)

Improved the Microsoft Office 365 migration wizard

For migrated accounts with the Postpay default payment model, permissions to use the Postpay model are now set as "Approved" automatically. (CR-1103)

Improved the Manual Provisioning plugin

If for a plan based on the Manual Provisioning plugin, manual operations are set for subscription creating and subscription updating, ordering a new subscription with an additional amount of resources generates now only one manual operation — for subscription creating. The previous versions of the platform, in this case, also created manual operations for subscription updating — for every resource ordered with an additional amount. (CR-1163)

Improved user experience in the platform

Improved user experience in the Operator Control Panel:

  • It is now possible to delegate plans to several resellers at once. (CR-694)
  • In the "Price List" section of a subscription, the "Fixed price" attribute of the related plan has been added. (CR-720)
  • The self-registration attribute has been added for new accounts created via the Customer Control Panel. In the list of accounts, the corresponding column and filter have been added (hidden by default). (CR-882)
  • On the order details page, information about the ID and name of the user who created the order has been added. (CR-1114)
  • UI templates are now divided into to two groups: system and user. System UI templates can be edited only by the operator and then applied to all resellers while user UI templates can still be edited by any reseller and delegated to downstream resellers. (CR-957)

Improved user experience in the Customer Control Panel:

  • In the block of a subscription, the calculators for displaying the amount of the upcoming charges have been updated to support the new logic of the "CSP monthly" billing type. The "Paid to" date it is now also displayed in the block of a prolonged subscription with the "CSP monthly" billing type. (CR-1013)

General improvements:

  • The Vietnamese language is now supported, including the standard synchronization of the user interface translation via the service. (CR-1032, CR-1171)
  • A new currency is now supported — Vietnamese đồng (VND, ). (CR-1108)
  • New placeholders have been added for configuring notifications about a subscription by its payment model. (CR-1035)
  • A placeholder for displaying the invoice number has been added for notifications about the payment due date coming and received payment events. (CR-1098)
  • In Vendor Portal, for a product, SKUs of service plans can now be non-unique. (CR-1020)
  • The "Billing day is coming" notification does not include now subscriptions that already have the prolong orders: only subscriptions with the auto-renew point equal to zero are now counted. (CR-1156)
  • Placeholders for displaying information about subscription resources have been added for notifications about subscription events. (CR-1111)
  • For subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure service, the owner role is now assigned to a user via the Azure API service instead of the Azure CLI. (CR-952)
  • Lots of improvements for (CR-944, CR-1037)

Extended API

The existing methods for getting the list of accounts of the reseller and getting account details by the given account ID have been extended with information about the account's owner. (CR-1047)

The existing methods for getting the list of subscriptions of the reseller and getting subscription details by the given subscription ID have been extended with information about the auto-renewal settings of the subscription and additional information about the account, subscription resources, subscription period, and plan. The list of subscriptions of the reseller also supports now filtering by the account ID. (CR-1043)

For the API v3, the new methods have been implemented for getting the list of orders of the reseller and getting order details by the given order ID with additional information about the related charges. (CR-1114)

For the existing methods for getting the list of reseller charges and getting reseller charge details by the given charge ID both for the current reseller and downstream reseller of the current reseller, the algorithm of the charge net cost calculation has been improved. (CR-992)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-19178, AB-20918, AB-23878, AB-24297 (SAP-9170, SAP-10386), AB-24361 (SAP-9323), AB-24978, AB-25013 (SAP-10071), AB-25074, AB-25078, AB-25079, AB-25083, AB-25107, AB-25124 (SAP-10214, SAP-10331), AB-25222 (SAP-10272), AB-25252 (SAP-10358), AB-25362 (SAP-10544).