Version 4.4. Release date 02 September 2020

New features and enhancements:

Extended support of delayed renewing including the G Suite service

Delayed renewing with the possibility to change the amount of resources is now applied to all subscriptions with the CSP monthly and CSP Annual billing types (subscription Microsoft CSP and Google) (CR-1147).

Particularly, both monthly and yearly annual subscriptions to the G Suite service can now be renewed. The amount of resources in a renewal order can be changed only to the number of active assigned licenses on the Google side. Resource changes take effect on subscription expiration date (CR-590).

Improved the Manual Provisioning plugin

Parameters of services based on the Manual Provisioning plugin can now be applied to the service itself or a certain resource of the service. As a result, orders of subscriptions to plans that include a service based on the Manual Provisioning plugin and service parameters applied to resources, after specifying the amount of resources, now have the following additional step:

  • For an order of a new subscription, it is now required to specify the set of  values of the parameters for every ordered unit of the resource.
  • For an order of changing the amount of resources of an existing subscription, it is now required to specify the set of  values of the parameters for every added or excluded unit of the resource. (CR-1155)

The ability to display the following information has been added to a letter about a manual operation associated with a subscription based on the Manual Provisioning Plugin:

  • Subscription creation:
    • The number of ordered resources.
    • Subscription order parameters.
    • Subscription resource parameters.
  • Changing subscription resources:
    • The number of resources to change.
    • The current number of subscription resources.
    • Subscription resource parameters. (CR-1140)

Improved user experience in the platform

Improved user experience in the Operator Control Panel:

  • For the Microsoft services, the subscription log now stores the full description of an error received in an API response from Microsoft Partner Center. (CR-1014)
  • In the list of accounts, new columns and corresponding filters have been added with information about account address and the owner of the account. (CR-1006)

Improved user experience in the Customer Control Panel:

  • For cancelling a payment or order, the text in the confirmation window has been improved. Information about invoices that can be already paid via bank transfer but not processed by the platform has been added. (CR-1184)

General improvements:

  • For the G Suite service, for ordering a new subscription, it is now possible to specify the alternate email on another domain that Google will use to contact the customer if something happens to the customer's service such as service outage or a security issue. (CR-1112)
  • The description of charges for subscriptions with the "Pay as you go (external)" billing type has been improved in the Operator Control Panel, Customer Control Panel, as well as in invoices and receipts generated for customers. (CR-1009)

Extended API

In the following API v3 methods were added the ability to obtain information about the User with Owner rights:

  • Getting a list of Accounts;
  • Get information about an Account (CR-1047).

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: SAP-10295 (AB-25500), SAP-10683 (AB-25531), SAP-10917 (AB-25666), SAP-10991 (AB-25750), SAP-11023 (AB-25776), SAP-10884 (AB-25783), SAP-11117 (AB-25859), SAP-11023 (AB-25776).