Version 4.5. Release date 16 September 2020

New features and enhancements:

Added the ability to join payments for orders

A reseller can now activate joining payments that are linked to the prolong or renewal orders for the prepaid subscriptions of an account and created by the billing process on the same night. An account receives a notification about the created joined payment and can complete the payment or split it back to separate payments for individual orders. The joined payment is automatically completed from the account balance when it is the date to pay for an order linked to the payment. (CR-1143)

Improved the Pay-in-full billing type and auto-renew logic

For delayed renewing, the support of subscriptions with the Pay-in-full billing type has been added. A renewal order is created before the specified number of days to the expiration date. After complimenting the order, the subscriptions are renewed in the expiration date.

Plans with the Pay-in-full billing type can now have plan periods with a duration of 1 month only. For renewing subscriptions to plans with this billing type, the delayed order is used without the ability to change the amount of the resources. The auto-renew point of subscriptions to plans with this billing type can now have a non-zero value.

Improved the auto-renew logic:

  • On a day before the expiration date, if there is any unprocessed order for the subscription, the renewal order is not created automatically. Previously, only the unprocessed prolong order blocked the automatic creating of the renewal order. The order of the other type was cancelled, and the subscription was renewed with the current configuration.
  • On the expiration date, if there is any unprocessed order for the subscription, the renewal order is created automatically if only the unprocessed order has the "Waiting for payment" status. The unprocessed order is cancelled, and the subscription is renewed with the current configuration. Previously, the unprocessed order in other statuses also blocked the automatic creating of the renewal order. (CR-1152)

New columns in the table on the "Subscriptions" page

In the Operator Control Panel, in the list of subscriptions and the corresponding report, new columns have been added with the following information:

  • The SKU, billing type, and currency of the related plan.
  • The name, quantity, and price per unit of the main resource. (CR-1105)

Extended API

New API v3 methods have been added for working with reseller's documents that can be accessed without the manager's token. (AB-22716)

The existing methods for getting the list of plans of the reseller and getting plan details by the given plan ID have been extended with additional information about the plan, plan periods, and plan resources. For the list of plans, new filters by the plan name and SKU have been added. (CR-1153)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-25782 (SAP-11106, SAP-11042), AB-25929, AB-25998 (SAP-11321).