Version 5.4. Release date 20 July 2021

New features and enhancements:

Implemented ordering Google Workspace subscriptions with a transfer token

Customers can transfer to ActivePlatform their Google Workspace subscriptions ordered outside the platform. To transfer a subscription, a customer orders via Storefront a new Google Workspace subscription for an existing domain with a transfer token. A customer can get a transfer token in the Google Admin Console. It is possible to transfer trial and paid subscriptions that do not include the Google Vault and Google Drive add-ons. Managers can also order a subscription for a customer with a transfer token via the Operator Control Panel. (CR-987)

Implemented the ability to migrate Microsoft Azure subscriptions to Microsoft Azure Plan

The migration for a customer has two stages:

  1. A manager transfers all customer's Microsoft Azure subscriptions to Microsoft Azure Plan in Microsoft Partner Center. As a result, an Azure Plan "container" is created in Microsoft Partner Center with all transferred subscriptions. 
  2. A manager migrates all customer's Microsoft Azure subscriptions to Microsoft Azure Plan in the platform. During the migration, the target plan, account, and payment model are specified. Old subscriptions are deleted. However, their consumption statistic remains available in the "Analytics" section of the Customer Control Panel.

Subscriptions ordered out of the platform can be migrated too. To do that, a manager creates in advance a new account for a customer and then, during the migration, specifies the Microsoft tenant name and Microsoft tenant ID of the customer. (CR-762)

Implemented email notifications with a subscription consumption report for the previous period

The report can be sent in the specified number of days after the billing day so that the platform closes all charges for a subscription in the completed billing period. Information about the consumption of a subscription includes the following parameters:

  • Costs for the last completed billing period.
  • Costs for the second-to-last billing period.
  • Cost growth rate percentage for two last billing periods.
  • Line chart of the cost structure for the last completed billing period per resource category.
  • Bar chart of the weekly cost dynamics for the last completed billing period per resource category.

The report also includes a link to the "Analytics" page of the subscription in the Customer Control Panel with predefined filters. (CR-1245)

Implemented the ability to use an additional section with custom content on a product page in Storefront as an IaaS calculator for VMware vCloud Director

A manager can activate and configure displaying a section with additional information on a product page in Storefront. The section supports using HTML, CSS, JS code, and placeholders with information about the product's plan, resources, and periods. This section is used for the IaaS calculator of the VMware vCloud Director service with the pay-as-you-go model. With the IaaS calculator, a customer specifies the quotas when ordering a subscription and can see its cost per month and hour based on the resource consumption within the specified quotas. (CR-1299)

Implemented the ability to specify the purpose of a top-up payment to display in the receipt

A manager and customer can now specify the payment purpose when creating a top-up payment. The entered description is displayed in a PDF form of the receipt using a placeholder. (CR-1402)

Improved user experience in the platform

Customer Control Panel:

  • The behavior of filters has been improved on the analytics page for Microsoft Azure Plan subscriptions. Also, the bar chart of the draft non-detailed consumption data for the current period is now displayed without horizontal scrolling. (CR-1319)
  • A message with information about the invoicing specifics has been hidden for ordering a postpaid trial subscription. (CR-1129)
  • Displaying the resource unit price on the change order page has been improved. (CR-1412)

General improvements:

  • Displaying an error message has been improved for ordering a subscription to the Microsoft services. If a sales order is not placed due to an error of creating a new account in Microsoft Partner Center, the message explains the reason and suggests how it could be fixed. Previously, regardless of the actual error reason, the message considered the domain name incorrect. (CR-1265, SAP-12220)
  • For the validation service, the logic of checking resellers and customers for restrictions imposed by a distributor has been improved. (CR-1431, SAP-15182)
  • For Microsoft Azure Plan subscriptions, net cost calculating for a resource unit price with the Partner Earned Credit (PEC) discount for a reseller now takes into account the exchange rate (if the currency is not USD) received from Microsoft by API. (CR-1429)
  • Transferring the Google Analytics tag has been improved for redirecting from Customer Store to the Customer Control Panel. (CR-1413)

Extended API

A method for sending to validation the values of additional attributes for a sales order has been improved. If an error of creating a new account in Microsoft Partner Center occurred, the method returns information about the reason and the suggested actions to fix it. (CR-1265)

The API v3 methods for working with the payments have been improved to support the payment purpose attribute. (CR-1402)

For the API v3 methods for getting information about reseller's orders and subscriptions, the previously implemented logic of displaying the statuses has been added for cases when the platform receives the "account customer review" response from the Microsoft side. (CR-1419)

The API error logging has been improved. (AB-27563)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-27448, AB-27714 (SAP-14083), AB-28022 (SAP-14897), AB-28038 (SAP-14884), AB-28077, AB-28091 (SAP-15156), AB-28204 (SAP-15420), AB-28210, AB-28263.

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