Version 5.5. Release date 26 August 2021

New features and enhancements:

Implemented a new billing type for annual subscriptions with monthly payments and a commitment to using the ordered amount of resources for the whole period

The Monthly Commitment billing type restricts decreasing the resource amount during the whole subscription period, including the prolong orders. If a manager stops and then activates such a subscription via the Operator Control Panel or Reseller Store, a customer does not get any refunds for the period when the subscription was stopped. At the same time, a customer cannot stop a subscription manually. If a subscription stopped due to an unpaid prolong order is prolonged manually, a customer pays for the whole month, including the period when the subscription was stopped.

 In the platform, all annual Google Workspace subscriptions with monthly payments and the corresponding plans will be migrated to the new billing type. (CR-1210, SAP-11224)

The ability is used if the external management of postpaid invoices is activated in the platform. In that case, a third-party ERP system like NetSuite can now attach to a postpaid payment a third-party invoice file (as it was implemented previously) or a link to such a file. In both cases, information about a third-party invoice is available in notifications on a payment and an invoice. (CR-1427)

Improved user experience in the platform

  • The expiration date calculation logic has been improved for sales orders of subscriptions with the "Non-Recurring Subscription" billing type. Such an order can now be paid in the upcoming billing period. The order expiration date is now calculated using only the cancel unpaid order period from the account terms, while the nearest billing day is no longer considered. (CR-1477, SAP-15948)
  • For application templates based on the Microsoft CSP Products plugin, it is now possible to select the target segment for retrieving available resources from Microsoft Partner Center. Previously, only the commercial customers' segment was used. (CR-1501, SAP-16100)
  • The Thai language is now supported, including the standard synchronization of the user interface translation via the service. (CR-1421)
  • A customer who already has a subscription ordered by a manager at individual prices can order another subscription to this plan, but only at the plan prices. Previously, customers are not allowed to order such subscriptions. (CR-1438)
  • Generating the prolong orders has been improved:
    • Validation of the changed resource amount has been added.
    • Regeneration of the prolong orders has been improved. (CR-1329)
  • For services created in Vendor Portal, the ability to display additional order attributes depending on who creates the order — a manager or a customer — has been added. The Kaspersky microservice (PAYG and Yearly subscriptions) has also been updated to support this ability. As a result, the approval code field is now displayed for a manager in the Operator Control Panel, Reseller Store, and via API, but not for a customer in the Customer Control Panel. (CR-1377)
  • A new event handler has been implemented for sending a notification on a correction approval with the ability to specify the ID of a manager who approved the correction. The event is triggered when a correction is approved via the Operator Control Panel or API. (CR-1400)

Extended API

  • New methods have been implemented for creating and approving (declining) a correction with the ability to include it in an invoice for a specified account. A third-party system can use these methods for accounting payments linked to cancelled orders. (CR-1400)
  • The closing date filters in the methods for getting the list of reseller charges of all downstream resellers have been improved. The filtering period is now defined starting from the earliest date (including) to the latest (excluding) regardless of the payment model. Previously, including the first and last days in the period depended on the payment model. (CR-1454, SAP-15506)
  • The ability to include additional information about the linked account, payment, and subscription has been added to the response of API v3 methods for getting information about orders(CR-1511)
  • In the single module for checking operations available for a subscription, support of decreasing the resource amount in a prolong order has been added. (CR-1210)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-26117 (SAP-11486), AB-27718 (SAP-14106), AB-28019 (SAP-14873), AB-28255 (SAP-15645), AB-28536 (SAP-16163).

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