Version 5.6-5.7. Release date 21 October 2021

New features and enhancements:

Implemented the grace period for subscription prolongation

The grace period is used when it is required not to stop a prepaid subscription on the billing day due to the unpaid prolong order. An unpaid subscription with the enabled grace period gets the "Graced" status on the billing day but continues working. Changing the resource amount and switching the plan becomes not available. After the grace period expiration, an unpaid subscription stops, and the customer should pay for the grace period. The duration of the grace period for subscription prolongation is set in a service term. (CR-1433)

Implemented billing of reserved (Azure RI) and third-party resources for Microsoft Azure Plan subscriptions

If a customer ordered reserved or third-party resources directly via Azure Marketplace, their consumption is now calculated in the platform within the customer's Microsoft Azure Plan subscription. After processing the final invoice from Microsoft, the platform generates separate charges for reserved and third-party resources. Costs of every Microsoft Azure Plan subscription of a customer are now included in separate invoices. In the Customer Control Panel, in the "Analytics" section, the consumption of reserved and third-party resources is grouped by resource categories and available on the "Previous periods" tab. (CR-958, CR-1449, CR-1461)

Implemented the ability to set the manual type of stopping and deleting of subscriptions on the service terms level

The new setting is dedicated to preventing the unwanted stopping of vital subscriptions that run customers' infrastructure and business processes. This setting is a part of a service term and applied to all subscriptions to plans linked to a particular service term. Similar to the previously implemented setting on the account level, the new setting allows managers to choose between the automatic and manual types of stopping and deleting of subscriptions. The existing setting can still be used as a part of an account terms. As a result, if the manual type of stopping is applied to a subscription in any of these settings, manual approval of the operation by a manager is required on the platform's attempt to stop this subscription. (CR-1540)

Added the ability to renew an expired subscription from the date of payment for the renewal order

A new setting in service terms allows selecting how to calculate the period and the expiration date of a renewed subscription if a customer pays for a renewal order after the expiration date. By default, the existing logic is used when the period of a renewed subscription is shortened, and the new expiration date is set against the previous one. It is now possible to select another option when the period of a renewed subscription is not changed, but the new expiration date is set against the date of payment for the renewal order. This behavior complies with the Google Workspace service terms. At the same time, the logic for stopping and renewing expired subscriptions for this service has been improved to make it possible to renew subscriptions with a new number of licenses. (CR-1297)

Implemented the ability to connect payment systems to the platform via SDK

The SDK will simplify and speed up the platform's integration with various payment gateways and systems like Stipe and Assist. The platform interacts with payment gateways using dedicated connectors. Such connectors are configured on the root reseller level and can be used by any reseller to create payment methods. When customers pay via one of these methods, the platform redirects them to the payment gateway. There, customers specify all required data and pay. Then, they are redirected back to the platform. Thus, the platform does not store any customers' payment credentials, and the payments are processed entirely by the gateways. (CR-1031)

Improved service for checking resellers and customers for restrictions imposed by a distributor

The validation service that restricts ordering subscriptions for resellers and customers if their INNs are included in the restrictions lists now considers additional restrictions. (CR-1586)

Implemented new validation rules for an account's company name

The operator can now specify in the global settings of an installation the lists of special characters, abbreviations, and TLDs using only which is not permitted for an account's company name. Additionally, it is now required that an account's company name includes more than one character. These additional rules are primarily used to comply with the main part of new Microsoft requirements to a company name and email of customers. Moreover, ordering a subscription now supports the related errors of creating a new account that may occur on the Microsoft side. (CR-1580)

Improved user experience in the platform

  • A notification has been added on the completion of processing the detailed resource consumption data for Microsoft Azure Plan subscriptions. It can be used to let reseller's managers know that the data for 1С or NetSuite is ready. (CR-1463)
  • Additional subscription attributes can now be displayed in a notification on a manual operation. For this, support of the manual provisioning plugin has been added to a placeholder of additional subscription attributes. Also, support of this placeholder has been added to a notification template of the "Manual operation" event. (CR-1529, SAP-16252)
  • User experience has been improved for the IaaS calculator previously implemented for the VMware vCloud Director page in Storefront. (CR-1587)
  • Displaying information and error messages on specifying a Microsoft Tenant Name domain has been improved for ordering a subscription in the Customer Control Panel. (CR-1466)
  • Protection against XSS attacks has been improved. (CR-1608)

Improved Reseller Store

  • Support of the new "Monthly Commitment" billing type has been added. (CR-1439)
  • The "Order subscription" button has been added to all pages to go to the list of categories in the catalog and start searching. (CR-1516)
  • Displaying information messages on the authorization page has been improved. (CR-1568)

Extended API

  • Information about the purpose of charges of a Microsoft Azure Plan subscription has been added: basic consumption, reserved or third-party resources. (CR-958)
  • The ability to filter the list of accounts by the date of their last update has been added in API v3. (CR-1514)
  • Information about the need to confirm an invitation from a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider has been added to the response model of a method used for getting the list of additional attributes required for service provisioning. (CR-1545)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-28472 (SAP-16065), AB-28485 (SAP-16092), AB-28542, AB-28635, AB-28636 (SAP-16265), AB-28656, AB-28785 (SAP-16537), AB-28932, AB-29070, AB-29080, AB-29082, AB-29097.

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