Version 5.8. Release date 07 December 2021

New features and enhancements:

Implemented delayed switching the plan for a subscription

For subscriptions with the "CSP annual" and "Monthly Commitment" billing types, it is now possible to create an order for switching the plan before the subscription expiration date. The order provisioning is postponed to the subscription expiration date, similarly to the previously implemented delayed renewing. Charges linked to a delayed switch order are generated from the order completion date. For a subscription with the activated auto-renew option, a renewal order is not created if a delayed switch order already exists in the "Waiting for provisioning" status. (CR-1138)

Implemented the first stage of integration with the Microsoft New Commerce Experience service

Both managers and customers can now order, stop, activate, upgrade/downgrade (change the amount of the resources), and delete a subscription to the Microsoft New Commerce Experience service. The Microsoft CSP Products Plugin is used for fetching the list of available resources (SKUs) from Microsoft Partner Center and integration with the service. For ordering addons, the main subscription is checked for a customer. Subscription renewing and billing of the service will be implemented in the next versions of the platform. (CR-1398)

Implemented the first stage of integration with the Adobe service

Both managers and customers can now order, renew, and upgrade/downgrade (change the amount of the resources) an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. A subscription in the platform corresponds to an end customer contract in Adobe, while a resource of such subscription corresponds to one of the Adobe Creative Cloud products. Integration with the service is implemented using Vendor Portal and connecting the platform to Adobe VIP Marketplace. Billing of the service will be implemented in the next versions of the platform. (CR-1379)

Connected Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

In the Customer Control Panel, sending information about a sales order to Google Analytics has been implemented. The order amount, information about the product and plan, and amount of the primary resource are sent using Enhanced Ecommerce features. (CR-1340, SAP-13130)

Improved user experience in the platform

  • If a subscription is linked to a prolong or renewal order, this order is now automatically cancelled with manual stopping the subscription. This extra action guarantees that a stopped subscription cannot be accidentally activated if an order becomes completed. (CR-1033)
  • In Reseller Store, a link to confirm a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider invitation has been added for cases when the first Microsoft subscription for an existing domain is ordered. (CR-1515)
  • New currencies are now supported — Malaysian ringgit (MYR, RM), Philippine peso (PHP, ₱), and Thai baht (THB, ฿). (CR-1612)
  • For Google Workspace, a new check of a subscription status on the Google side has been added before activating, stopping, and deleting a subscription in the platform. Previously, without this check, an error might occur if a subscription already had a target status on the Google side. (CR-1168, SAP-10623)
  • The "Due date" placeholder has been added for a PDF print form of an invoice. The date is calculated considering the payment model and the type of the linked orders. (CR-1495, AB-29137)
  • To ensure platform security, the support of TLS 1.0 has been disabled. (CR-1480)
  • Improved calculation of the consumption cost and net cost for the reserved (Azure RI) and third-party resources of the Microsoft Azure Plan service. (CR-1650)
  • Reflecting the changes on the Microsoft side, the order parameters used by the Microsoft CSP Products Plugin for the Microsoft Software Subscriptions service have been changed. (CR-1630)
  • The reseller's logo settings in the Operator Control Panel have been improved and moved from the system settings to the customization settings. (CR-1481, AB-28568)

Extended API

New methods of the internal API have been implemented. (CR-1483, CR-1485, CR-1489, CR-1491, CR-1495)

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed: AB-28101 (SAP-16815), AB-28101 (SAP-16261), AB-29220 (SAP-16265), AB-29377 (SAP-16889), AB-29176, AB-29492, AB-29368.

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