"Google Workspace" ("G Suite") service

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a package of cloud services, applications, and tools by Google, including corporate email address, Google DriveGoogle Vault, and others.

The following editions are available (see also Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Pricing Plans):

  • Google Workspace Business Starter.

  • Google Workspace Business Standard.

  • Google Workspace Business Plus.

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Essentials.

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Standard.

  • Google Workspace Enterprise Plus.

  • Google Workspace Essentials.

  • Suite Basic and Suite Business โ€” archived versions under G Suite.

The Basic and Business Starter editions include 30 GB of Google Drive for each user. A Customer can additionally purchase the GDrive (Google Drive), GVault (Google Vault), and Users Resources.

All other editions have Google Vault and unlimited Google Drive storage for each user. A Customer can additionally purchase only Users (user licenses).

Trial Plans include the limited number of users for free. Purchasing the GVault and GDrive Resources during the trial period is not available. For switching from a trial Plan to a commercial, see Google Workspace. Switching the Subscription Plan.

There are three pricing options for Google Suite Subscriptions:

  • Subscriptions to Flexible Plans are charged monthly, based on the amount of the used Resources. You can either upgrade or downgrade the Subscription Resources. You can cancel your Subscription at any time.
  • Subscriptions to Annual Plans, with the commitment to pay for the Google Workspace service for a full year.
    • Annual monthly Subscriptions โ€” these Subscriptions are billed monthly for a portion of the annual commitment.
    • Annual yearly Subscriptions โ€” these Subscriptions are billed once a year. You need to pay the full amount of the annual commitment.
    You can only upgrade Annual Subscriptions Resources. You can cancel an Annual Subscriptions only at its expiration date.

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