Microsoft Azure Plan. "Analytics" section

The Analytics section is used to analyze the consumption of the Microsoft Azure Plan service by Resource categories and Resources and the consumption of the reserved (Azure RI) and third-party resources ordered directly in Azure Marketplace. The consumption data is for informational purposes only and cannot be used as the basis for payments.

Information about consumed resources is displayed in the language set by the Reseller and may differ from the language of the Customer Control Panel.

For the general description of the Analytics section, see Viewing Charges for a Subscription in the Customer Control Panel guide.

For a Microsoft Azure Plan Subscription, the Analytics section includes two tabs:

  • Previous periods — detailed consumption data by Resource categories and Resources, similar to Microsoft Azure:
    • Information about consumed Resources is available both in the Daily and Monthly granularity.
    • In the block of filters, the following data filters are available:
      • Resource category — category of a resource on the Microsoft side. 
      • Tags of resources — tags of a resource on the Microsoft side.
      • Azure RI — attribute of a resource reserved within the Microsoft Azure RI service.
      • Resource group — names of the Microsoft Azure resource groups.
      • Virtual Machines — names of the Microsoft Azure virtual machines.

    •  Report description
      Column nameDescription
      Resource GUIDResource identifier on the Microsoft side
      Resource categoryResource category on the Microsoft side
      Resource subcategoryResource subcategory on the Microsoft side
      Resource NameResource name on the Microsoft side
      DescriptionResource description on the Microsoft side
      Tags of resourcesTags of the resource on the Microsoft side
      CurrencyCharge currency
      RegionLocation of the data center
      UnitUnit of measure for the resource on the Microsoft side
      Resource GroupResource group on the Microsoft side
      CountConsumed amount of the resource
      PriceResource price for the Account
      DiscountDiscount amount for the Account
      TotalTotal price of the consumed resource including Count, Price, and Discount
      Usage DateDay when the resource was consumed on the Microsoft side (UTC timezone)
      Billing DateDay when the platform processed the consumption record (UTC+3 timezone)
  • Current consumption — temporary non-detailed consumption data (draft Charges):
    • Information about consumed Resources is available in the Daily cost structure bar chart only. All bars are displayed in grey because there is no data per Resource categories and Resources. At the beginning of the next Billing period Microsoft provides detailed consumption data. The draft Charges are deleted, and the final Charges are generated. The final detailed consumption data is displayed on the Previous periods tab.
    • In the block of filters, only the Billing period filter is available:
      • Current and previous — displaying the data for the current and previous Billing periods (by default).
      • Current — displaying the data for the current Billing period only. Selected by default and other options are not available if there is no data for the previous period.
      • Previous — displaying the data for the previous Billing period only.

If there is no non-detailed consumption data for a Subscription, the Analytics section displays information of the Previous periods tab only, and the titles of the Previous periods and Current consumption tabs are hidden.

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