Ordering a Subscription to the Microsoft Azure Plan service

To start using the Microsoft Azure Plan service, order a Subscription. For the general description of ordering a Subscription, see Ordering a Subscription in the Customer Control Panel Guide.

Subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure Plan service have only one period โ€” the endless.

The order has 0 in the Total field because the Subscription itself is free, a customer pay for the consumed resources only.

Ordering the first Subscription to Microsoft services includes the following additional steps:

  1. Accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement. On the Microsoft Agreement page:
    1. Look through the text of the agreement.
    2. Check the information about the Account that will be sent to Microsoft: name, position, and email of the Account.
    3. Select the I accept the agreement check box.
    4. Click Next.

      The acceptance of the agreement is also required if the Account already has Subscriptions to Microsoft services but the agreement is not accepted yet.

  2. Create a new Microsoft Tenant or add an existing one:

    A Microsoft Tenant Name is a domain name used to order a Subscription, for example:

    • With subdomain: example.onmicrosoft.com
    • Without subdomain: example.com

    New Microsoft Tenant Names (domain names) are always created with the onmicrosoft.com subdomain. Existing Microsoft Tenant Names (domain names) may or may not have the onmicrosoft.com subdomain.

    Create a new Microsoft Tenant Name or select an existing one is only required for ordering your first Microsoft Subscription in the platform. For ordering subsequent Subscriptions, the previously entered data will be used.

    •  To create a new Microsoft Tenant:
      1. Select Create new Microsoft Tenant Name.

      2. In the Domain name Office 365 field, enter the name of a subdomain (without dots). It will be to be attached to .onmicrosoft.com. The domain name is used to create your username (yourname@example.onmicrosoft.com).

        For example, if you enter example, the created domain will be: example.onmicrosoft.com

      •  Errors of creating a Microsoft Tenant and how to fix them
        Error messageHow to fix
        Microsoft account creation error. Go back to creating or editing an account and check the correctness of the following data: email, country, region, city, zip code, company name
        1. Go to the Account information:

        2. Make sure the Account address information is correct.

        3. Make sure the Owner email is correct.

        4. Make sure the Account company name and the Owner email comply with Microsoft requirements.


          For a company name, the following is not permitted:

          • Using only one character.
          • Using only special characters from the list, such as &$^#.

             The list of forbidden special characters

          • Using only spaces and tabs.

          • Using standalone abbreviations from the list, such as LLC or ltd.

             The list of forbidden abbreviations

          • Using names with internet Top-Level Domain (TLD) extensions from the list such as .ru or .by.

             The list of forbidden TLDs

          • Using the same character repeated three or more times with no other characters, such as 999.
          • Using spaces and tabs mixed with individual characters, such as 1 2 3.

          For a customer email address, the following domains are not permitted:

          • @microsoft.com.
          • The domain of the Microsoft CSP partner.
        5. Save the changes.
        6. Try to order a Subscription one more time:
          • If an existing company of the Account is used, repeat the Subscription ordering procedure.

          • If a new company is created for the Account, complete the Subscription ordering procedure.

        Domain is invalid
        • Specify a valid domain name โ€” using only Latin letters and numbers.

        • If a valid domain is specified, it is possible that the domain already exists in Microsoft. The only way to order a Subscription is to use the Add existing Microsoft Tenant Name option.

        • Otherwise, contact the technical support team (see Help).

    •  To order the first Subscription for an existing Microsoft Tenant:
      1. Select Add existing Microsoft Tenant Name.

      2. Select With Subdomain if your existing Microsoft Tenant Name ends with .onmicrosoft.com. Otherwise, select Without Subdomain.
      3. In the Domain name Office 365 field, enter your existing Microsoft Tenant Name:
        • With Subdomain: enter the name of the subdomain (without dots).

          For example, if your existing Microsoft Tenant Name is example.onmicrosoft.com, enter: example

        • Without Subdomain: enter your existing Microsoft Tenant Name.

          For example, enter: example.com

      4. Click confirm invitation from Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. You will be redirected to a new page. Follow the instructions to confirm the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider invitation.

    If the Reseller does not allow creating new tenants, the Create new Microsoft Tenant Name option is unavailable and by default, the Add existing Microsoft Tenant Name > With Subdomain option is selected.

  3. Click Next.

Create a new Microsoft Tenant Name or select an existing one is only required for ordering your first Microsoft Subscription. For ordering subsequent Subscriptions, the previously entered data will be used.

After the Azure Plan Subscription is created, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have created a new Microsoft Tenant, the confirmation email will contain the login and password to access the Microsoft Partner Center.

For a created Azure Subscription on the Microsoft side, a user with the admin@ name gets the Owner role. For a new Microsoft Tenant Name, the admin@ user is created automatically. For an existing Microsoft Tenant Name, the platform searches the admin@ user among all the tenant users. If the admin@ user is not found, the administrator access rights are not assigned automatically but can be assigned manually later via the Azure Portal.

During the service provisioning on the Microsoft side, the permission to purchase Azure reservations via the Microsoft Azure Portal is activated for the Account (see Accessing the Microsoft Azure Portal).

Use the Entry Point menu to manage the Azure Plan Subscription (see Managing a "Microsoft Azure Plan" Subscription). Click the Entry Point to access the Microsoft Azure Portal (see Accessing the Microsoft Azure Portal).

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