Ordering the "vCloud Director" Service

To start using the vCloud Director service, order a Subscription.

For the general description of the procedure, see Ordering a Subscription in the Customer Control Panel Guide. The vCloud Director service has the following specifics:

  • Ordering a Subscription to the vCloud Director service has an additional step to create the administrator password. It is important to save the password because it is required to access the vCloud Director Control Panel.
  • For a trial Subscription, on the vCloud Director side, the user will be created as deactivated by default. A Manager should manually activate the user. The user of a trial Subscription is activated automatically only when the customer switches to a commercial Plan.
  • For a Subscription with the Pay as you go model, instead of the amount of Resources, the corresponding quotas are used. A quota defines the amount of a Resource that will be available for consumption within the Subscription:
    • The quotas are specified in the Plan and cannot be changed.
    • In the Customer Control Panel, the Resource configuration step is skipped, 
    • The total amount of the Order is always equal to 0.

    • For the Prepay model, the mandatory top-up Payment is used:
      1. The top-up Payment is linked to the Subscription. The top-up amount depends on the Reseller settings: it can be fixed or calculated as the Subscription monthly cost. For the cost calculation, the IaaS calculator is used on the Product page in Storefront.

      2. If the IaaS calculator is available, to order a Subscription:

        1. Go to the Product page in Storefront. Below the Product description, the Configure your cloud section is displayed with the IaaS calculator โ€” cloud configurator.

        2. In the Configure your cloud section, for every required Resource, set the amount using the sliders:
          • The leftmost position of a slider corresponds to the minimum available amount. The rightmost position corresponds to the maximum available amount.
          • The current amount is displayed in the field above a slider. The field supports manually entering the value too.

            The provisioned amount of the IP address Resource is always equal to 1. To add more IP addresses, contact the technical support team.

        3. Check the estimated Subscription cost per month and hour based on the Resource consumption within the specified amount.

        4. Click Buy now to go to the Customer Control Panel and complete the ordering process.

After the Subscription is activated, the vCloud Director Entry Point becomes available (see also Working with the list of Applications in the Customer Control Panel Guide). Use the Entry Point menu to manage the Subscription (see Managing a "vCloud Director" Subscription). The vCloud Director Control Panel URL and username are displayed in the Information section (see vCloud Director. "Information" section).

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