Get reseller (Customer Store)

The Get reseller (Customer Store) method requires installed Customer Store (see managing Storefront).

For getting information about the current reseller or any of its downstream resellers, the Get downstream reseller method can also be used (see Get downstream reseller).

The Get reseller (Customer Store) method returns information about the current reseller or about any of its downstream resellers.

An API token of a manager is required for authorization. To get an API token via the Operator Control Panel, see Viewing and updating Manager's information

The manager's API token specified in an API request determines the current reseller and downstream resellers accessible within a method.

GET: {base_url}/api/v3/resellers/{reseller_id}



Parameter type

Data type



X-Api-TokenheaderstringRequiredAPI token of a manager that performs the operation (see Viewing and updating Manager's information)
Content-TypeheaderstringRequiredMedia type of the request. Specify the following: application/vnd.api+json

Supported media types of the answer. Specify the following: application/vnd.api+json

base_urlpathstringRequiredActivePlatform URL
reseller_idpathintegerRequiredID of the current reseller or any of its downstream resellers (see Viewing and updating Reseller general information)

Response model

NameData typeDescription
idstringReseller ID
typestringData type
attributesobjectReseller information

parent_idstringUpstream (parent) reseller ID

created_atdateDate and time of the reseller creation

updated_atdateDate and time of the last update of the reseller information

generalobjectModel of the general information about the reseller

namestringReseller name

domainstringReseller domain

currencystringReseller currency in the ISO 4217 alpha-3 format

managerstringManager that is attached to the reseller

companyobjectModel of the information about the reseller company

namestringCompany name

address_line_1stringFirst line of the company address

address_line_2stringSecond line of the company address

citystringCity, in which the company is situated

statestringState, in which the company is situated

zipstringZip-code of the company

countrystringCompany country code according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard


Phone number of the company:

  • + < country code > < city code or network code > < phone number >.
  • 00 < country code > < city code or network code > < phone number >.

faxstringCompany fax number

emailstringCompany email

contactsobjectInformation about reseller contact person

first-namestringFirst name of the company contact person

last-namestringLast name of the company contact person

middle-namestringMiddle name of the company contact person

positionstringPosition of the company contact person


Phone number of the company contact person:

  • + < country code > < city code or network code > < phone number >.
  • 00 < country code > < city code or network code > < phone number >.

emailstringCompany contact person's email

attributes.custom-attributesobjectReseller attributes

attributes.custom-attributes['custom-attribute-key']stringReseller attribute value

Request example

GET /api/v3/customer_store/resellers/1
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
X-Api-Token: vY5fwetest3gJXZH5uHCw
Accept: application/vnd.api+json

Response example

    "data": {
        "id": "1",
        "type": "resellers",
        "attributes": {
            "created_at": "2016-08-25T09:26:12.491+03:00",
            "updated_at": "2020-01-16T13:10:53.572+03:00",
            "parent_id": 27,
            "general": {
                "created_at": "2016-08-25T09:26:12.491+03:00",
                "updated_at": "2020-01-16T13:10:53.572+03:00",
                "name": "SL SP Root",
                "domain": "",
                "manager": "Alena Rataeva",
                "currency": "BYN"
            "company": {
                "created_at": "2016-08-25T09:26:12.491+03:00",
                "updated_at": "2020-01-16T13:10:53.572+03:00",
                "city": "Минск",
                "zip": "220053",
                "country": "BY",
                "fax": "",
                "name": "SL SP Root",
                "address_line_1": "Гаяяяя",
                "address_line_2": "Гаяяяяя",
                "state": "Минская",
                "phone": "+375252222060",
                "email": ""
            "contacts": {
                "created_at": "2016-08-25T09:26:12.491+03:00",
                "updated_at": "2020-01-16T13:10:53.572+03:00",
                "first_name": "Ivan",
                "last_name": "Ivanov",
                "middle_name": "",
                "position": "",
                "phone": "+375252222060",
                "email": ""
            "custom_attributes": {
                "inn": "",
                "email": "",
                "l": ""

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