Viewing and updating reseller general information

To view and update the reseller general information:

  1. Go to Resellers (see Navigation). The list of resellers is displayed (see Viewing the list of resellers).
  2. Click the name of the required reseller. The General tab of the reseller details page is displayed with the following groups:
  3. If it is necessary to update the reseller general information:
    1. Make the required changes in the fields available for editing.
    2. Click Update.

Reseller information

In the Reseller information group:

  • ID — the unique identification number of the reseller.
  • Reseller name — the name of the reseller as it is displayed in the Operator Control Panel.
  • Currency — the code of the reseller currency displayed as follows:
    • A list with all available currencies (see Currencies) — if the reseller does not have subscriptions in any status, except for Deleted.
    • A link to the currency rates page (see Currency rates) — if the reseller has at least one subscription in any status different from Deleted.
  • Login — a link to access the Operator Control Panel of the reseller (see Logging in to the Operator Control Panel of a reseller).
  • Manager — the responsible manager of the upstream reseller.

Company information

In the Company information group — the address information of the reseller.

Contact information

In the Contact information group:

  • Information about the contact person of the reseller.
  • Custom attributes for the reseller entity (see Managing attributes). 

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