Viewing and updating Manager's information

To view and update the Manager's information:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Managers (see Navigation). The list of Managers is displayed (see Viewing the List of Managers).
  3. Click the ID or Name link for the required Manager. The Manager's details page is displayed.

    The Manager's details page includes the following tabs:
    • GeneralManager's information.
    • Subordinates — the list of subordinates of the Manager.
    • Supervisors — the list of supervisors of the Manager.
    • Log — see Viewing an Object Log.

The General tab includes the following elements (for details, see Adding a Manager):

  • ID — unique identification number of the Manager.
  • Name — Manager's name.
  • Email — Manager's email used as the login to signing in to the Operator Control Panel.
  • Role — Manager's role (see Managers' Roles):
    • Sales person (sales — in the API methods).
    • Marketing.
    • Product owner (owner).
    • System administrator (admin).
  • Status — Manager's status:
    • Active — the Manager has access to the Operator Control Panel.
    • Inactive — the Manager has no access to the Operator Control Panel.
  • Key — Manager's unique key.

    This key allows linking an Account to a Manager (see Viewing and updating Account's details) automatically when a customer orders a new Service via Customer Store with a special URL parameter (see Buy-link template for ordering a Service via Storefront). The key can include uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, underscore, dot, and dash. The key is case-sensitive, so it is important to specify it in a buy-link exactly as on the manager information page. For example, carter81 and Carter81 are different keys, and they will not work together.

  • Phone — Manager's phone number.
  • Photo — Manager's photo.
  • Manager's Additional attributes, if applied (see Managing Attributes).
  • API token — Manager's unique key used for authorization in the API service (see ActivePlatform. API Reference Guide).

The API token field is displayed only on the page of a Manager signed in to the Operator Control Panel. The API token field is empty until the Manager creates the token manually.

To update the Manager's information:

  1. On the General tab, edit options that are available for changing.
  2. Click Update to save the changes.

For creating and updating the Manager's API token, see Regenerating a Manager's API token.

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