Get user's auth by token

The Get user's auth by token method returns a one-time token for accessing the platform. With the token, a third-party user can authenticate in the Customer Control Panel as the Owner of an account (see Access levels of Users). The token is requested for an account of the current reseller or any of its downstream resellers.

In case of authentication with a token, the Customer Control Panel is available at {installation_url}/?user_email={owner's_email}&user_token={owner's_token}

An API token of a manager is required for authorization. To get an API token via the Operator Control Panel, see Viewing and updating Manager's information

The manager's API token specified in an API request determines the current reseller and downstream resellers accessible within a method.

GET {base_url}/api/v3/resellers/{reseller_id}/user_authentication/token



Parameter Type

Data type

Required/ Optional


X-Api-TokenheaderstringRequiredAPI token of a manager that performs the operation (see Viewing and updating Manager's information)
Content-TypeheaderstringRequiredMedia type of the request. Specify the following: application/vnd.api+json

Supported media types of the answer. Specify the following: application/vnd.api+json

base_urlpathstringRequiredActivePlatform URL
reseller_idpathnumberRequiredID of the current reseller or any of its downstream resellers (see Viewing and updating Reseller general information)
account_idpathnumberRequiredID of the required account

Response model


Data type


owner_emailstringEmail of the account Owner for authentication
owner_tokenstringOne-time token for authentication

Request example

GET /api/v3/resellers/1/user_authentication/token?account_id=505
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
X-Api-Token: vY5fwetestK3gJXZH5uHCw
Accept: application/vnd.api+json

Response example

    "owner_email": "",
    "owner_token": "Sg1DZLtoken7PH4sVsAeh"

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