Managing Discounts

Discounts are used to reduce fees by a specified percentage of the original fees in a Plan. The following types of Discounts are used in ActivePlatform:

  • Promo Code — a Discount is applied when a promo code is manually entered on the Order confirmation step. A promo code specified for a Sales order is stored in a Subscription to apply automatically to any future Orders, if possible. A promo code specified for other Orders is not stored in a Subscription. To apply it automatically to any future Orders, specify the promo code on the Subscription details page (see Viewing and updating subscription's details).
  • Account — a Discount is automatically applied to the selected Accounts or Account Classes.
  • Reseller — a Discount is automatically applied to Plans delegated to downstream Resellers. It is also automatically created for the upstream Reseller while ordering a Microsoft NCE Subscription within a promotion from Microsoft together with a Discount of the Subscription type (see Microsoft Online Services NCE. Руководство Оператора).
  • Subscription — a Discount is automatically applied to a Subscription to a specified Plan for a specified Account. It is also automatically created while ordering a Microsoft NCE Subscription within a promotion from Microsoft (see Microsoft Online Services NCE. Руководство Оператора).

If there are several available Discounts, the Best Discount is applied as follows:

  • If Discounts of the Subscription type not yet linked to Subscriptions are found, the Discount with the highest percentage among them is applied.
  • Otherwise — a Discount of any other type with the highest percentage is applied.

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