Managing Promo Code Discounts

Promo Code Discount is applied when a promo code is manually entered on the Order confirmation step. A promo code specified for a Sales order is stored in a Subscription to apply automatically to any future Orders, if possible. A promo code specified for other Orders is not stored in a Subscription. To apply it automatically to any future Orders, specify the promo code on the Subscription details page (see Viewing and updating Subscription's details).

Creating and configuring a Discount of the Promo Code type consists of the following steps:

  1. Creating a Discount (see Creating a Promo Code Discount).
  2. Creating Promo Codes โ€” one-time or reusable (see Managing Promo Codes).
  3. Selecting Plans that can be ordered with a Discount, if the All plans checkbox is not selected in this Discount (see Attaching a Plan to the Discount).

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