ActivePlatform. Operator (Reseller) Control Panel


ActivePlatform is a software platform that automates a selling process of virtual and cloud hosting services. ActivePlatform allows organising a simple and effective customer service. Via the platform, you can empower your clients with cloud services and automate all processes for accounting and billing.

This guide describes main principles of using the Operator Control Panel, which is a part of ActivePlatform. The Operator Control Panel is a web-application that is used to automate the process of selling cloud services.

This guide describes the basic principles of working with the Operator Control Panel and Reseller Control Panel, which are parts of ActivePlatform. The Reseller Control Panel has limited functionality that is similar to Operator Control Panel (see Functionality of the Operator and Reseller Control Panels).

Functionality, which is described in this guide, is related to Operator Control Panel and Reseller Control Panel unless otherwise indicated. By default, the platform functionality described for the Operator Control Panel, but the similar operations can be performed in the Reseller Control Panel.


The primary audience for this guide is a staff of the Operator who sells cloud services via the Internet.

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On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the View tab.


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This topic provides an overview of using the Operator Control Panel.

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  1. On the Navigation Bar click Operations > Accounts on the Operation tab.

Supported Browsers

We recommend using the following browsers to get access to ActivePlatform:

  • Microsoft browsers family (Internet Explorer/Edge): last two versions;

  • Chrome: last three versions;

  • Mozilla Firefox: last three versions;

  • Opera: last two versions;

  • Safari: last two versions.

Take into consideration that the appearance of elements of the user interface can be different according to your browser and its version.