Attaching a Plan to the Discount

To attach a Plan to the Discount:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Discounts. The list of Discounts is displayed (see Viewing the List of Discounts).
  3. Click the ID or Name of the required Discount. The Discount details page is displayed (see Viewing and updating Discount details).
  4. Go to the Plans tab. The list of attached Plans is displayed (see Viewing the List of attached Plans). 
  5. On the Tool Bar, click Attach. The Plan list is displayed. 

  6. In the Plan list, select the required Plan. The Plan periods and Resources groups are displayed.

  7. In the Plan periods group, select the checkboxes of the required Plan Periods.
  8. In the Resources group, select the checkboxes of the required Resources.
  9. Click Attach. The updated list of attached Plans is displayed.

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