Viewing the list of Account Classes

To view the list of Account Classes:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Account Terms (see Navigation). The list of Account Classes is displayed.

The list of Account Classes includes the following columns:

  • ID — the unique identification number of an Account Class.
  • Name — the name of an Account Class.
  • Key (not displayed by default) — the key used to refer to an Account Class by API or Placeholders (see Using Placeholders for Event Handlers).
  • By default — indicates whether an Account class is assigned by default to new Accounts registered via the Customer Control Panel.

    Only one Account class can be the default one.

  • Stop subscription type — defines how
    •  are stopped after approving associated Manual Operations by a Manager (see Manual Operations).
  • Delete subscription type (not displayed by default) — defines how
  • Color — the color used in the list of Accounts (see Viewing the list of Accounts) for this Account Class.
  • Default payment model — defines the default payment model of new Subscriptions of an Account:
    • Postpay.
    • Prepay.
  • Prepay: Financial blocking threshold — the limit within which the Account balance can be negative without moving an Account to the Credit hold status (see Credit hold of the Account) during the Subzero period.
  • Prepay: Pay with negative balance (not displayed by default) — indicates whether an Account can pay for Orders with the negative Account balance.
  • Prepay: Subzero period (not displayed by default) — the number of days during which the Account balance can be negative without moving an Account to the Credit hold status (see Credit hold of the Account) if the Account balance appears less than or equal to the Financial blocking threshold. The "-1" value refers to the endless period.
  • Prepay: Cancel unpaid order in (not displayed by default) — the number of days during which an Account needs to pay for Orders. After this period, Orders with the Waiting for payment status are automatically cancelled.
  • Postpay: Subscription credit limit — the value of the Subscription debt above which a postpaid Subscription is stopped (see Credit hold of the Account).
  • Postpay: Payment expiration period — the period in days after which a Payment gets the Expired status (see Managing Payments), and a postpaid Subscription linked to this Payment is stopped.
  • Guaranteed payment limit (not displayed by default) — the maximum amount of a Guaranteed Payment available for an Account.
  • Guaranteed payment period (not displayed by default) — the number of days during which an Account can use Guaranteed Payments (see Managing Guaranteed Payments).

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