Creating an Account Class

To create an Account Class:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Account Terms (see Navigation). The list of Account Classes is displayed (see Viewing the list of Account Classes).
  3. On the Toolbar, click Create. The New Account Class page is displayed.
  4. On the New Account Class page, set the preferable options in the following groups of elements:
  5. Click Create. The new Account Class is displayed in the List of Account Class (see Viewing the list of Account Classes).

Account class information

In the Account class information group, set the following options:

  • Name — the Account Class name.
  • Key — the key used to refer to the Account Class by API or Placeholders (see Using Placeholders for Event Handlers).
  • Stop subscription type — defines how
    •  are stopped after approving associated Manual Operations by a Manager (see Manual Operations) (by default).
  • Delete subscription type — defines how

    Manual stopping and deleting can be useful for Accounts that require uninterrupted working of all their Subscriptions to run vital business processes.

    To apply manual stopping and deleting Subscriptions to selected Plans only, see Creating a Service Term.

  • Color — the color used in the list of Accounts (see Viewing the list of Accounts) for this Account Class.
  • Default account class — when the checkbox is selected, this Account class is automatically assigned to new Accounts registered via the Customer Control Panel.
  • Default payment model — defines the default payment model of new Subscriptions of an Account:
    • Postpay.
    • Prepay.

Payment model settings: Prepay

 Prepaid Subscriptions use the Account balance and can be automatically stopped with the Account credit hold (see Credit hold of the Account).

For prepaid Subscriptions, the setting from the Payment model settings: Prepay group are applied. The settings define:

  • How an Account can use a negative balance without moving to the Credit hold status.
  • Period for cancelling unpaid Orders.

To configure the Prepay payment model: 

  1. In the Financial blocking threshold field, enter the limit, within which the Account balance can be negative without moving an Account to the Credit hold status (see Credit hold of the Account) during the Subzero period.

    By default, the Account's Financial blocking threshold equals the Financial blocking threshold set in the Account Class. The Financial blocking threshold can be set for each Account individually (see Viewing and updating Account's details).

  2. Optionally, select the 

    If the Pay with negative balance checkbox is not selected, then the Financial blocking threshold is ignored and the Account balance cannot become negative.

  3. In the Subzero period field, enter a number of days when the Account balance can be negative without moving an Account to the Credit hold status (see Credit hold of the Account) while the Account balance is less than or equal to the Financial blocking threshold

    To disable moving to credit hold Accounts having a negative balance within the Financial blocking threshold, set the Subzero period equal to -1. That corresponds to the infinite subzero period.

  4. In the Cancel unpaid order in field, enter a number of days when an Account should pay for the Orders. After this period ends, Orders with the Waiting for payment status are automatically cancelled.

Payment model settings: Postpay

Postpaid Subscriptions does not use the Account balance. Postpaid Subscriptions can be automatically stopped only under the terms of the payment model settings.

For postpaid Subscriptions, the setting from the Payment model settings: Postpay group are applied. The settings define:

  • Consumption threshold for blocking the Subscriptions.
  • Expiration periods for unpaid Payments.

To configure the Postpay payment model: 

  1. In the Subscription credit limit field, enter the value of the Subscription debt (blocking threshold) above which the postpaid Subscription will be blocked.

     The Subscription credit limit can be set individually for each Account (see Viewing and updating Account's details) and Subscription (see Viewing and updating Subscription's details).

  2. In the Payment expiration period field, enter a number of days when an unpaid Payment gets the Expired status (see Managing Payments), and the Subscription stop grace period will be started (see below).
  3. In the Subscription will be stopped after payment expired (days) field, enter a number of days, after which a postpaid Subscription linked to a Payment in the Expired status will be blocked. The Reseller can use this additional grace period to process received payments without stopping a Subscription due to the Payment expiration

Guaranteed payment settings

In the Guaranteed payment settings group, set the availability of Guaranteed Payments for Accounts (see Managing Guaranteed Payments).

To configure the Guaranteed payment settings:

  1. In the Guaranteed payment limit filed, enter a maximum amount of a Guaranteed Payment available for an Account.
  2. In the Guaranteed payment period filed, enter a number of days when an Account can use a Guaranteed Payment.

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