Viewing and updating Account Type's details

Delegated Account Types are read-only. For delegated Account Types, you can change only the following attributes:

  • Default payment method.
  • Default.

If the Account Type is changed by the Operator (upstream Reseller), then the read-only attributes of the corresponding delegated Account Type inherit the changes.

To view and update Account Type's details:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Account Types (see Navigation). The list of Account Types is displayed (see Viewing the List of Account Types).
  3. Click the ID or Name of the required Account Type. The page with Account Type details is displayed.

    The Account Type's page contains the following tabs:

To update an Account Type:

  1. On the General tab, edit the necessary options that are available for changing.

    The Default payment method list includes only Payment methods based on the CheckCash plugin (see Viewing the List of Payment Methods) that are available for this Account Type in accordance with the Payment method settings (see Viewing and updating Payment Method's details).

    If the Default checkbox is selected, it is unavailable for changing. To set another Account Type as the default one, it is necessary to go to its page and select the Default checkbox for that Account Type.

  2. Click Update to save changes.

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