Viewing the list of Service Terms

If a downstream Reseller has a Service Term with the same name as a Service Term delegated from the upstream Reseller, then, in the List of Service Terms, a warning message is displayed:

The warning message lists the names of the Service Terms to be fixed. In this case, the downstream Reseller should rename the listed Service Terms. The name of a Service Term in the warning message is a link to the corresponding Service Term details page (see Viewing and Updating a Service Term).

To view the list of Service Terms:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, go to Service Terms (see Navigation). The list of Service Terms is displayed.

    The Service Terms page includes the following blocks:
    • The Top bar (for more information, see Working with the List of Objects).
    • The table with the following columns:
      • ID — the unique identification number of a Service Term.
      • Name — the name of a Service Term.
      • Stop subscription type (not displayed by default) — defines how
        • are stopped after approving associated Manual Operations by a Manager (see Manual Operations).
      • Delete subscription type (not displayed by default) — defines how
      • Grace period — the number of days after the end of the Subscription period during which a Subscription continues working without paying for a Renewal Order (see the Renewal settings group in Creating a Service Term).
      • Stop period — the number of days after the Grace period when a Subscription remains stopped without deleting. The Subscription is deleted when this period ends.
      • Available for payment by guaranteed payment — displays whether customers can pay with Guaranteed Payments for Subscriptions to the associated Plans (see Managing Guaranteed Payments).
      • Billing day — the day of the month when Charges (see Charges) changes their statuses.

        Invoices (see Managing Invoices) are created on the day after the Billing day.

      • Delegated — if the attribute is Yes, a Service Term is delegated from the Operator (or the upstream Reseller). Delegated Service Terms are read-only. When the Service Term is changed or deleted by the Operator (or the upstream Reseller), it is automatically changed or deleted for all the downstream Resellers.
      • Key — the unique key of a Service Term used for data synchronizing.

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