Managing Account's Users

Users can use Services if they are attached to the specific Account. A number of available Services depends on a number of Subscription that ordered for the current Account.

The following operation can be performed to attach a User to the Account:

To view the List of users, which have been attached to the Account:

  1. Sign in to the Operator Control Panel.
  2. On the Navigation Bar go to Accounts (see Navigation).
  3. Click the ID or Name link for the required account in the List of Accounts.
  4. Click the Users tab. You see the list of attached Users.

Each Account has minimum one User with the Owner access right, which is created or selected while the new Account is being created (see Creating an Account).

The User tab contains the following blocks:

  • Top bar (for more information see Working with the List of Objects).
  • List of Users with the following columns:
    • Access Level — the current access level of User: Owner, Admin, User (see Managing Users).
    • ID — a unique identification number of User.
    • Name — a user's name.
    • Email — a user email that is used as a login to the Customer Control Panel.
    • Status in Account — a User's status for the current Account: active or inactive (see Global Deactivation of a User).
    • Global Status — a current status of the User in ActivePlatform (for all Accounts, to which the User has been attached): active or inactive.

You can perform the following operations on the User tab:

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